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Monday, August 7, 2017

LEDE Fast Path SQM

Qualcomm Fast Path does not work on ingress on a eth0.2 interface however there is a workaround to control SQM Bandwidth

Basically set it like this

Basically do it at different interfaces I have tested this on jperf and it does not affect LAN Speeds
You should get the following results notice the rate at the download phase grows to the limit instead of a spike.


tm said...

Hello, thanks for informing. How about users with PPPOE connection? I just set it as the picture described, SQM doesnt seem to be working.

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James Beane said...

So with this new trick, do we still apply "nat dual-dsthost" to advanced ingress discipline and "nat dual-srchost" to advanced egress discipline to both eth0.1 and eth0.2, in the same order? Or do we rearrange it so that nat dual-srchost is applied to ingress of eth0.2?

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Unknown said...

Use only one instance sqm with yours vpn connection not eth.

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