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Monday, July 31, 2017

LEDE Fast Path August Builds

LEDE Fast Path August Builds are out

Changelogs are as follow:

1) memset, memcpy patches are ported from uclibc-ng over to musl.

Basically a lot of wifi and fast-path operations involves memset and memcpy and unlike ARM and x86 there are no assembler optimization for MIPS and PowerPC musl so this will improve performance

2)SPE is enabled in MPC Linux Kernel since it is library independent, SHA and AES SPE is enabled

3)Backported the latest ath10k firmware from Trunk since it is supposed to be higher performance and stable, but for this I have no way to test and know because I do not have any ath10k router hardware so it will be great to have some user to feedback

4)MSS is enabled by default as the performance difference is negated by Fast Path

5)I stripped down the kernel to remove a lot of unused functions and drivers, for example all your Router device will never have and never will have mavell switches but it is included anyway by default on LEDE because some weird old platform boards contain them. But it makes no sense to most ar71xx mips74k and mip24k which do not contain such hardware so I stripped them out in Kernel Config making a smaller kernel

6)Also I try to include only Kernel Modules to reduce firmware size and reduce dependencies since these are installable from LEDE


Mario Kornfeldner said...

thank you for your builds speed gain is fantastic.
is it possible to add usb tethering modules ?

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