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Monday, February 29, 2016

Multi-Platform TrueCrypt ISO generator

Previously I created an ISO containing Truecrypt on ISO for Mac, Windows and Linux but there was feedback about sharing a precompiled binary vs providing the source for creating the binaries

In light of recent events encryption has been especially important to protect personal privacy as well as data.

A lot of people believe that Truecrypt was discontinued because it was insecure as said on the project page.

But strangely enough, an audit has been conducted on the source code (TrueCrypt is opensource under their own TrueCrypt license) but no signs of backdoor has discovered despite the author asserting so.

An effort to determine if the binaries have been backdoored by attempting a binary analysis, again no backdoors are discovered.

Perhaps the most reassuring information is from this leaked document from snowden.

If the security agencies are having issues with decrypting TrueCrypt you can be sure as hell it is okay to use,

So this second take of my share is not about the binaries, it is about script to generate the ISO and the tool to burn it into Phison Controller Flashdrives.

I did a lot of research and testing and found out about ISO9660, Rock Ridge Extensions as well as HFS Extension.

Basically git clone the project
git clone https://github.com/gwlim/multiplatform-truecrypt-generator.git
If you do not trust the existing binary I included simply replace it with your own trusted source

Change directory to the project root then execute 
You will generate a ISO file called tc.iso which you can burn into any Phison controller flashdrive using the tool ModeConverterFF01

The only issue is that if the drivers is not installed on the host computer you need to have administrator permission for the TrueCrypt drivers to be loaded, other than that it runs completely fine on all 3 Operating System.

Now you can use encrypted on your cheap Phison controller flashdrives!

However note that
  1. Software Encryption means the speed of filecopy depends on the host computer encryption performance
  2. The attacker can simply take the whole image partition of your flashdrive and bruteforce it repeatedly as the state of the encryption is stored on the flashdrive itself but if you using a strong key and strong encryption it should be computationally infeasible.
  3. Again as with all free software no warranty
Enjoy your cheap and effective encrypted drive!

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