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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dropping L7-Protocol

I am going to drop L7-Protocol for the next release.
Did some serious testing with L7-Protocol recently.
1)It does not crash on my built
2)Blocks Bittorrent Perfectly
1)Does not work on IPv6 on my Dual Stack Network Bittorrent still goes through
2)Some protocols are flaky, Protocols like SSH works fine but HTTPS has weird behavior.
Therefore unreliable + ugly + does not work on IPv6 = DROP

For those who wants it I will move the script to some other location so if you really really want it you can built it yourself.


Daniela Tocan said...

If there is space because you drop L7... Is it possible to integrate Softether client or tell us what to do to get a client run with OPENWRT? I agree that you like a fast router. Server and all i get to run.But how to connect from a router to the server? client should not use much space and its allmost better to have a client running than to install at every Windows or other PC the clients.

Admin said...


Your request is not so simple.
The work involve cloning the source from Softether, porting the package into a native openwrt ipk package then creating a LuCI interface for it.
The other way is to find out what VPN settings does Softether use then use a existing VPN Client (install from OpenWRT repository) set the setting and connect to Softether.
I might look into this when I have the time.
Right now I am trying to port and upstream patch for support of a GR7000 Router.

Anonymous said...

Please save the actual libopenssl package to your site, because when i installed the radiusd i got an ssl version error.. The .ipk in the barrier breaker repon is newer than the complied..

Admin said...

Hi this is because they recently just updated OpenSSL but my Jun builds still has the not updated OpenSSL.
Next month the sources pull will get the OpenSSL updated