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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Barrier Breaker April Release

Major Upstream Changes:
openssl update

Optimized Changes:
Kernel update to 3.10.73
Set SQM-Script as QoS Default
Add PowerPC optimization
Backport RT-Cache changes
Fix WDR3600/4300 RFKill Switch State


James Beane said...

what interface do we set the SQM-Script to? It defaults to eth0 on the wdr3600, which is the physical switch. Default vlan is eth0.1 and default wan is eth0.2. And yes the wifi switch now works great :)

James Beane said...

No luck on the new QOS as a way of bandwidth throttling. I assigned 80kbs up and down, and selected each interface one at a time, still got the same full speed results from testmy.net.

James Beane said...

Woo i some how got it working if i select br-lan and use download speed as my upload and upload speed as my download. I also have to reboot the router for any changes to take effect.

Daniela Tocan said...

You did ask me last month where i did have the problems with yours build and to point the problem. There was no time until now. In germany and arround the world vpn becomes more important. I did not have time untilnow to answer, sorry.
Intermediate i did set up barrier breaker from the openwrt resources.
Did make a extroot. And in future i will install openwrt only in extroot. Because match my needs more and better. But i will be very happy to use yours build and will try it as soon as possible to sort out where i have the problems. Answer shure does come.
I did post a guide for softether here:

The server does work perfect feel free to use the resources. There is a possibility to translate them in many languages. Until now i did not get the client running and to integrade the router inside the http://www.vpngate.net/en/ or to use the client to connect there. Its my idea to help to fight government censorship. If i have a bit time i realy check why i donotgetours build proper to work here. For me now its important toget the softether client to run with openwrt. mainl i am using luci.

Daniela Tocan said...

Suggestions for a may release?

I got the Softether Server to run. But not the client to connect the OpenWRT Router to a server :-(


Admin said...

My OpenWRT build are meant to be fast and functional.
Flash space are intentionally reserved to let user install additional ipk to extend the function.
If more programs are added, leftover space will be reduced with performance.

Daniela Tocan said...

Complete Ethersoft Server i got to run but only with flash. And its more fast than OpenWRT. Maybee the client is small enough. Any other suggestions how to run the client are wellcome. With flash or without.

Jonathan Lancett said...

Hi adblocking for openwrt. https://gist.github.com/teffalump/7227752
have you ever tryed Gargoyle?
I run Gargoyle because the interface works better with my screen reader. all the bandwidth graffs do slow it down a bit though.

Admin said...

Tried Gargoyle before but is slightly slower which is why I returned to OpenWRT.
Also most of the cutting edge development happens on OpenWRT.
I think the transparent.gif is a nice touch.

Benjamin Fiset-Deschenes said...


This is really amazing work there. I was about to change router when I found your 1043ND builds!

I love the suggestion of Jonathan Lancett about the adblock script! I will add it and test if it doesn't have too big of an impact on performances.

Would it be possible to have the latest (may 2015) build with 430MHz overclock? I already have a decent heatsink on my SoC. Are the benefits worth it?

Thanks again!

Admin said...

All the overclocks are

Benjamin Fiset-Deschenes said...

Thanks, I know but they date from 10 months ago(the 430MHz version anyway)...

Unless there have been no significative change made to the firmware in the last 10 months.

Admin said...

The firmware is not meant to be used as a normal firmware it is meant as an easy way to change the uboot to overclock your router.
As long as the subsequent updates does not overwrite the uboot you get to keep the overclock

Benjamin Fiset-Deschenes said...

Oh nice, that makes sense.

I was thinking of modding my router to solder a 16MB flash chip. How hard would it be to modify and compile a proper U-Boot (with overclock :P) to support the full size of the chip?

Also, I don't know if you can answer me but if I manually write U-Boot(first 256KB?) and ART partition(last 64KB?) at proper offset (previously set in u-boot source), could I flash a OpenWrt firmware update using u-boot recovery flash and expect it to work properly and detect the full 16MB flash?

Thanks alot!

Admin said...

If you want to attempt upgrades like this you better have a flash programmer ready and know how to compile openwrt from source and good at desoldering without killing the solder pads.
Change to OpenWRT do not use stock firmware because stock firmware has no partition layout design to work with.
Backup the 8MB image, backup the art and uboot partition all 3 files.
Copy the 8MB Image into the 16MB chip
The wifi will go crazy because of the wrong offset
Step3)Compile a 16MB image (change the partition layout in the openwrt buildroot) and unprotect the art partition.
Step4) Sysupgrade into the 16MB image, the art partition will be erased
Step5) mtd write the art partition into the space you unprotect DO NOT REBOOT and compile a 16MB image with the art protected if you reboot the next boot art partition will get erased again.
Step6)sysupgrade the 16MB image this will lock and protect the art partition and you are done.