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Friday, February 27, 2015

OpenWrt Barrier Breaker March 2015 release

March Release
Upstream Changes
- Mainly Bugfixes up to Barrier Breaker r44550

Custom Changes
-Update Linux Kernel to 3.10.70
-Update Routing Cache patch
-Display Platform and Processor Information in LuCI

-Backport  /etc/openwrt_release fix
-Backport rpath fixes
-Add more Optimization Flags for PowerPC Linux Kernel (WDR4900) resulting in smaller binaries


Mike Tarbox said...

Once again, I thank you for your work and tinkering. Greatly appreciated.
Installed March 2015's release for my 1043. However I need to revert back to factory for some testing. I uploaded the back to factory binary to /tmp using WinSCP and then using putty issued sysupgrade -n /tmp/wr1043nd_sysupgrade_back_to_factory.bin and it is not working. Of note, no browser cache to clear as it was a newly installed browser.

Admin said...

Does it boot?
If it does not boot and you have installed the lastest uboot before (either any of my overclocked uboot or tp-link latest firmware) you can do the 100% failsafe TFTP Recovery Procedure.

Janos said...

Thanks for the firmware. Is it possible to add support for Archer C7 v2?

Mike Tarbox said...

Renamed the file, and removed the -n switch. That seemed to do the trick.
Thank you for the response. Always appreciated!

Admin said...

Yes you can clone and build 1 yourself but I can't test it so I can't build it.
In addition the developers do not backport the latest wireless fixes so AC Support will not be as good as the current Wireless N Barrier Breaker Routers