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Saturday, January 10, 2015

OpenWRT Barrier Breaker January Release 2015

January release out!
Notable Changes from upstream repository
-OpenSSL updated to K release and fixes a couple of CVEs
Notable Change from Custom Patch
-Add a improved strstr uClibc implementation from uClibc patchwork
-ZRAM has been removed since it currently useless and prevents 32MB devices from proper operation.
-Backport a soft reboot fix for certain hardware version of WDR36XX/43XX Router
-Update kernel to 3.10.64

For more detailed changes refer to OpenWRT Barrier Breaker Source and my Github Repository

Download the firmware here


Chris said...

Very impressed. WR1043NDv1 at 420MHz. This is less usage than Chaos Calmer/Trunk. Are you a wizard?

Anton Ekle said...

thank you so much. Spacial thanks for dropping zram entirely. You rock.

eanuhslen said...

Thank you for making my WR1043ND works again. by the way, can you include package kmod-ipt-nathelper-extra to enable multiple users in LAN connecting to different PPTP VPN servers?