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Saturday, January 31, 2015

OpenWRT Barrier Breaker February Release 2015

February Release is out!

Add new support for WDR4900v1 Router

OpenWRT Upstream Changes
-Not much changes, the reboot issue for certain models of WDR4300 has been backported so it has been deleted from my repo

Custom Changes
-OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2
-MIPS asm are included in this release so the patches in my updates has been removed
-PowerPC asm support has been added in my custom release
There should be a slightly boost in WiFi performance when AES is used due to asm optimizations in the OpenSSL library (Tested)
-Tweaked WDR4900v1 build gianfar buffers and NAPI weight for slight performance boost.

I hate to repeat myself so you should already know where to get the firmware and sources.


Android T said...

First of all, thank you very much for this amazing work. I am newbie to OpenWrt and just played with your firmware in my 1043 v1 since Jan and its working great.

However, I encountered problem with VPN connection to my office in Win8.1. It's working when directly connected to the Internet without the router. Besides, my notebook running XP can VPN with the router. It's so weird.

Can you give me some hint what may be wrong? Thank you very much.

Admin said...

What is your setup and error?
Let me see if I can reproduce the issue?

Wilfried Gödert said...

There is something on my wishlist.
A picture guide step by step how to format a USB Stick (ext4) and how to use it with extroot.
Maybee you take a look for http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/fhem

Its oneofthe most powerful home automation tools. It can much more than to make lightson and off.
For eampleitcan let your router work for you.

Tipu Sultan said...


Can you help me to setup UDP Proxy. I cannot find the package in your binaries.
Also can you tell me how 3g modem usb can be used with your firmware on 1043nd v1.8 as backup wan link.

Wilfried Gödert said...

For a blog posting i did find a nice solution for aria2 fromthe OpenWRT indonesia usersgroup. ou postedfor AA once ou include aria2 but i never saw you did realyintegrate it.
so i did start to write some articles in german language andwill add soon some screenshots. Maybee you have ideas how to improve...

First is that Beginners with openWRT that before never did use something else like windows are much scared to try extroot with a stick or harddisk.
to prepare a stick ou will find here.

I did make just one partition. Du you for extroot suggest additional make a swap partition???

i still use AA for production system and be scared with BB

For aria 2 including webinterface i did post here.
Care the config i did for tostore to the 8GB stick directeley that runs openwrtincluding aria2
becauseyou never did a posting for samba and how to use it i gave not the smb config for aria 2.

for the moment i play with softether
what i thingitsworth to learn ho to make a client toofor openwrt because can if you use the bridge mode speedup imense the VPN
I play with the homeautomation FHEM but have a littlemistake in it yet. you easy can control yours routers different configs just with smartphone. And at least with ifttt.

What are yours receipes with openwrt to let internet and router work for you? have fun.

Admin said...

Hi Sorry really busy nowadays nowadays but rest assure firmware support will still continue just less frequent changes.

Wilfried Gödert said...

I think we soon should look you are interest for for ainvitation the worlds biggest hackers meeting in dezember this year. maybee we find some possibilities for sponsoring and finance travel. Was m plan last year but we need somehow a better communication.ou likegooglehangoutbut it seems not to work with me so good.

Android T said...

hi, sorry for not responding for so long. Just updated to Mar release and VPN is working correctly now. Thanks.