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Thursday, December 18, 2014

TP-Link Recovery Mode for WR1043ND

Did I ever mentioned that my overclocked bootloader has TP-Link's new built in tftp recovery mechanism?
Do know know if you ever flashed my overclocked bootloader successfully and later "brick" it by flashing new OpenWRT images wrongly there is a 100% chance of recovery?

Simply said I created the overclocked firmware mods by detecting the bit responsible for flipping up the PLL, modifying the bit and correcting the checksum so the new TP-Link uboot tftp recovery mechanism still works.

In fact I use it to test all the firmware I built ALL THE TIME because I am simply too lazy to open up the router and connect the serial pins.

So how do you do it?
  1. Turn off all firewall
  2. Get a tftp server software, in Windows I use tftpd32 in Linux I use dnsmasq
  3. Copy a factory firmware (without the uboot) into the tftp directory change the filename to wr1043nv1_tp_recovery.bin
  4. To activate the recovery mode hold the reset button immediately when it powers on before it boots into linux, you will flashing lights.
  5. This emergency mode listens for the IP Address so you can set static ip mode on your PC running the tftp software
  6. After that if the router detects the tftp server it will attempt to grab to grab the file wr1043nv1_tp_recovery.bin from the tftp server at
  7. Then it will begin flashing itself you just need to grab a cup of coffee while it reboots after flashing
In fact all new TP-Link firmware with bootloaders now come with recovery modes listening at different address. You can refer to this useful forum thread by a uboot expert pepe2k.


James Beane said...

FYI, on my wdr 3600, I have to flip the wifi switch to off, to turn it on...

No biggie, but if owners are wondering why they have to manually enable wifi on each reboot, well there is your reason. Other than that the firmware works great.

Admin said...

I went to take a look on my WDR4300 and I realised you are right!
Normally I just toggle the wifi without looking at the label and wait for it to turn on.
I will see if I can track down this issue.

Vlad Theodor said...
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