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Friday, October 3, 2014

Multi-Platform Portable TrueCrypt

Source for generating ISO shared here

This post about my latest creation, a portable multi-platform TrueCrypt that you can install on any generic cheap flashdrive.

Flashdrives controllers are actually programmable devices and manufacturer tools can enable special modes that can enumerate other devices like CD-ROMs.

This is very useful when we want to enable the same filesystem to deliver multi-platform binaries.
For people who value privacy and protection but do not have the money or means to buy secure encrypted flashdrives this article is very useful.

A show case of what it can do:

On Linux

It is enumerated as a Virtual CD-ROM Drive:

Double Click on TrueCrypt.sh


It launches TrueCrypt. Works for 32bit and 64bit Linux

On Windows

It appears as a CD-ROM Drive

Double Click on it to launch TrueCrypt.
And TrueCrypt launches...Works for 32bit and 64bit Windows

On Mac

Just Double Click on TrueCrypt.app

I don't have a screenshot because I don't care to own a Mac but I included it anyway for it to be truly multi-platform.

How to Obtain the Virtual CD-ROM Partition

Different FlashDrives use different controllers.

To obtain information about your FlashDrive use ChipEasy or ChipGenius.


As you can see my FlashDrive uses a Phison Controller.
The tool to enable addition modes in Phison Controller is called ModeConverterFF01.
For more information about different controllers and their manufacturers please visit

Google Translate is your good friend.
I will not be including the manufacturer tools because they are not OpenSource Freeware.
Be careful when downloading files from China Sites, malware advertisements abound!


How to use ModeConverterFF01


As you can see it is very simple, select 2 partitions and and choose the TrueCrypt.iso image and click Convert.
Make sure the size allocated is more than 26MB which is the size of the ISO Image.

Where to get the ISO File

Download it here from my github.

Why TrueCrypt rocks?

Regardless of the real reason why it was discontinue it is still useful because
It has been code audited but make sure the version is 7.1a.
This ISO I created is based on TrueCrypt 7.1a.
It can create encrypted File Containers and Volumes and Fake Volumes to confuse people who wants to look at your files.
It is portable as shown in this entry.

How to use TrueCrypt?

Please Google, there are 101 articles online to teach you.
There is also a guide included in the ISO FS.


Wilfried Gödert said...

The actual version of Truecrypt will be unsecure. This is announced in their project page.

I suggest as base to use http://www.heise.de/download/truecrypt.html

this version.

Some infos about the background you will find also in wikipedia:

and other places. I suggest to use a older version and not the new one. Additional to give the info you use the secure version or the unsecure in yours GIT.

Regards Wilfried

Admin said...

This is 7.1a the audited version not the latest.
I am aware that the latest TrueCrypt is not the safest, moreover it is not fully functional.