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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Revamping OpenWRT customisation Style

Currently my OpenWRT repo is in a mess.
This is because there is a lot of changes in the upstream repo, lot of things is moved and I cannot keep track of the changes so I think it is time to relook how to solve this problem.

This best way is to reduce my customisation as a patchset.
So I only need to maintain very little things and if upstream changes the patchset can detect and fail so I can fix it very quickly.
The patchset is also detailed and list all the changes, great for you guys if you ever want to checkout what are the changes.

So this week I have to dig out all my past changes and search high and low for them and compile it into a working patchset for easy maintenance and automation.

So it means I might be abandoning the repos for the long term benefits.


Wilfried Gödert said...

By the way did you look in the different VPN possibilites this week?
You got the config with the Hide.me Provider
the users report there about a nightly interrupt after some time of activity. I personaly do not have this problem.
The question is its the VPN provider or the internet provider that interrupt the line. For login again they need every day to reboot the router.

Admin said...

You can schedule a cron job to restart the interface daily.