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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Overclock TP-Link WR1043ND

This post is about overclocking TP-Link WR1043ND and I just made it easier for you!

I do not take any responsibility for what you do to your router!

If you do not want a possible brick please do not read or attempt the following on your router!

Please Remember to equip your Router with a Proper heatsink before proceeding!

Perform the following using Ethernet Cable with all Wireless on the PC and the Router Disabled

Basically this is what you should be getting if you are successful:
root@openwrt:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type        : Atheros AR9132 rev 2
machine            : TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND
processor        : 0
cpu model        : MIPS 24Kc V7.4
BogoMIPS        : 278.45
wait instruction    : yes
microsecond timers    : yes
tlb_entries        : 16
extra interrupt vector    : yes
hardware watchpoint    : yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0ffc, 0x0ffc, 0x0ffb, 0x0ffb]
ASEs implemented    : mips16
shadow register sets    : 1
kscratch registers    : 0
core            : 0
VCED exceptions        : not available
VCEI exceptions        : not available
root@openwrt:~# dmesg | grep CPU
[    0.000000] CPU revision is: 00019374 (MIPS 24Kc)
[    0.000000] Clocks: CPU:420.000MHz, DDR:420.000MHz, AHB:210.000MHz, Ref:5.000MHz
[    0.000000] SLUB: Genslabs=9, HWalign=32, Order=0-3, MinObjects=0, CPUs=1, Nodes=1
 The default clocks for TP-Link WR1043ND is CPU:400 MHZ DDR: 400MHZ AHB: 200MHZ.

New Procedure

Backup your old uboot and art partitions

root@openwrt:~# cat /proc/mtd
dev:    size   erasesize  name
mtd0: 00020000 00010000 "u-boot"
mtd1: 000e2000 00010000 "kernel"
mtd2: 006ee000 00010000 "rootfs"
mtd3: 00140000 00010000 "rootfs_data"
mtd4: 00010000 00010000 "art"
mtd5: 007d0000 00010000 "firmware"

1) SSH into your Router. ( ssh root@ ) * You need to enable SSH, telnet cannot be used

2) Backup your uboot into /tmp/ directory ( dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=/tmp/uboot.backup )

3) Backup your art partition into /tmp/directory ( dd if=/dev/mtd4 of=/tmp/art.backup )

4) Log out from the Router and copy the backups to your PC ( scp root@*.backup . )

5) You should be able to see all your backups on your PC ( ls . )

Revert to Factory TP-Link (If you are already using Default TP-Link you can skip this)

6) Download wr1043nd_sysupgrade_back_to_factory.bin

7) Open LuCI or use SSH and sysupgrade from /tmp directory and wait to complete

8) Download
  • wr1043nv1_en_3_13_15_up_boot(140319)_oc_420.bin for overclock to 420MHZ
  • wr1043nv1_en_3_13_15_up_boot(140319)_oc_430.bin for overclock to 430MHZ
9) Login to TP-Link Interface and flash it with the file and wait to complete(if it does not reboot automatically wait for 10 mins before pulling the power)

10) Login to TP-Link Interface and flash it back to OpenWRT using OpenWRT Factory Image

Edit: Remove 440MHZ as it crashes occasionally


To Overclock:
  1. Flash back to factory to TP-Link Firmware using wr1043nd_sysupgrade_back_to_factory.bin
  2. Flash again using the overclock firmware eg to overclock to 420MHZ use wr1043nv1_en_3_13_15_up_boot(140319)_oc_420.bin
  3. Flash back to OpenWrt (if you want) using OpenWrt factory firmware
 To undo overclock 
  1. Flash back to factory to TP-Link Firmware using wr1043nd_sysupgrade_back_to_factory.bin
  2. Flash again using the overclock firmware eg to overclock to 420MHZ use wr1043nv1_en_3_13_15_up_boot(140319)_no_oc_400.bin
  3. Flash back to OpenWrt (if you want) using OpenWrt factory firmware


Philipp Glatz said...

Hello is 440MHZ the most stable Frequenz on your Router? Nice work :)

Admin said...

I am using it for my Production Router :)

Anonymous said...

Can it go higher when using a different RAM? 64mb mod, more than 160 mhz

Thanks! Works perfectly here @ 440!

Gina Lyrat said...

Hello Admin, I have flashed with 440MHz unfortunately my router crashes after about a day from -Bricked-.

How can I flash back to factory? 400mhz <?

I Try TPLINK Factory has worked. But the "wr1043nd_sysupgrade_back_to_factory.bin" of yours does not work (-bricked-.)

I took a factory without a "boot loader" to make it soon running!.

With the normal Factory I still have 440 mhz. How do I get to 400mhz ?.

Unfortunately flash down does not work (-bricked-). (Wr1043nv1_en_3_13_15_up_boot (140319) _oc_420.bin for overclock to 420MHz.)

Thanks for your help

Admin said...

1) Revert back to factory tp-link
2) Download TP-Link WR1043ND firmware with boot.
3) Flash it over

Admin said...

No it cannot go higher.
If you use USB 430MHZ Overclock should be rather stable.

Gina Lyrat said...

Hello Admin unfortunately has not funktioniert.Um to flash the instructions it back. I flash via the serial interface. In your "Revert back to factory tp-link" comes the first error and the router is gebricked. A short error message in Putty. Now he is in Boodloading mode 1 sec .. Now I FLASHE the router with the original firmware from the TPLINK homepage. But unfortunately I'm still on 440MHz ..

Even though I have the Factory TPLINK loaded, I can not flash (420,430mhz ..) always Bricket. What can I do?

Admin said...

After you flash with the original firmware flash again with the original firmware with the boot from tp-link website

Marco Varano said...

Hello Admin
I'm really interested in your overclocked uBoot fo my WR1043ND Gargoyle router
I dedicated a lot of time configuring the router and setting the extroot overlay so I'd like to know if there is a way, via serial console, to flash uBoot without flashing all the memory.
Does the files in your shared GitHub contain the uBoot tftp recovery function?

Admin said...

You need to flash a openwrt based firmware with uboot partition unlocked.