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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comments On Fedora 20

I have upgraded to Fedora 20 on 2 of my machines, 1 is a KDE Desktop and the other GNOME 3.
Both upgrades were pretty painless and smooth.
Simply switch Repo and do a Repo Sync, if you added any repo that does not have Fedora 20 branch you need to remove it first.
One strange bug is the dependency on autocorr-en.
When it is installed it will refuse to download the Fedora 20 Repo.
The workaround is to uninstall libreoffice first and reinstall it after you upgraded.
  1. Fedora 20 fixes the strange KDE bootup hangs encountered in Fedora 19.
  2. Fedora 20 default font makes the text rendered on Desktop smooth
  3. Fedora 20 improved gnome 3 makes it bearable. There are USABLE extensions for application menu unlike Microsoft's half baked attempt at adding a more user friendly Start Menu
  4. GNOME 3 is more simplified yet it does not reach the point of hampering functionality. Of course comparing to KDE, KDE offers a lot more flexibility.
  5. Nothing bad can be said of KDE as it is the same.
In systems configured with BTRFS, there are issue where the write back occurs for such a long duration where it actually hangs the system until the writeback completes.

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