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Friday, November 1, 2013

OpenWRT TL-WDR3600/4300/4310 Release

Finally after some testing and being quite satisfied by the results I release the firmware for TL-WDR3600/4300/4310.
Although they seemed like 3 Router but they are actually based on the same SoC Platform.
WDR4310 is the China Local version, WDR4300 is the International version and WDR3600 is the International version with 1 antenna not connected.
Basically after customizing the configs and build flags (it is targeted at mips74kc processor) it can achieve 400+Mbps after disabling MSS Fix and Layer 7 Filtering.
Binaries and Source available here.
Revert to factory also available in the backup folder.
Note that factory firmware due to the use of the Atheros Switch Hardware NAT module can achieve higher rates of 800+Mbps compared to OpenWRT.
The feature set in this firmware is identical to that of TL-WR1043ND that I have compiled.
Any brilliant feedback is welcome =)


Wilfried Gödert said...

Hi i am Happy you bring the first build for this Routers. You are happy with the build as a first step?

A network community did ask me today if the builds work good with 10-20 Users via Wireless Lan in 2,4 Ghz?

Back to the interesting questions for this build. Is it possible with a little hardware modification to make with the WDR 3600 a 4300 to connect the third Antenna with a pictail?
In case of yes, will it be possible to use than the 4300 firmware intermediate? Is it a intermediate problem about the 800+ Mbps can not be reached? Or this is because closed source of TP-Link?

Anyways i hope you do soon a paypal donation button at yours page. Or we come in contact by email because i like to send you for donation a used Ubiquiti to compare open wrt. University of Bochum will do a student a scientific research with yours build if interested lets share the email that i can forward the professors contact. I have some ideas but i like them to share with you first via mail. Mine is arztde at yahoo dot de
arzt is the german word for medical doctor :-)
Do not answer googlemail because i never look inside this account.

Admin said...

Because I did a lot of trial and error on TP-Link WR1043ND so I simply copied most of the configuration over so it is quick and the results were good when I perform a iperf NAT test.
I got around 440Mbps and I think that is about the maximum it can do NAT via software.

You might be able to "convert" WDR3600 to WDR4300.
If you check the PCB picture they are almost identical except that 1 5GHZ antenna is not connected.
You will need the corresponding SMT components.

From the developers at OpenWRT they said it is hard to port hardware NAT over because of the incompatibility the modules have with standard linux iptables.

If you want to try google "WDR4300 hardware NAT" the code files are there on the OpenWRT ticket.

kenjixx fatt kiong said...

I just wanna say thank you for the build. I been using your build for tl-wr1043nd and now WDR4300.. Really appreciate your work.. Thanks once again :D