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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OpenWRT Release Tagged

For users on fibre you can set port priority using swconfig
swconfig dev rtl8366rb port 1 set priority 1
To check 
 swconfig dev rtl8366rb port 1 get priority
To get it to run persistently on boot
echo 'swconfig dev rtl8366rb port 1 set priority 1' >> rc.local
This will only work on patched rtl8366rb drivers.
For unpatch openwrt firmware you have to use vconfig.

Updated to R37083

Attitude Adjustment with full ipv6 support including LuCI.
Downgrade the dhcpmasq to a non ipv6 version as the function is already added into the default Attitude Adjustment.
Review all the LuCI options and fix them, expose more wifi options.
This release is really a good one!.

For WR1043ND
"-Os  -pipe -march=24kc -mno-mips16 -mgp32 -fno-caller-saves -mno-branch-likely -mplt -msym32"

I also patched lighttpd to use
server.network-backend = "linux-sendfile"
server.event-handler = "linux-sysepoll"

This is done by patching the Makefile to enable linux-sendfile function which I do not know why it was disabled in OpenWRT's lighttpd Makefile.
I did it by #undef sendfile_broken and #define have_send_file

I managed to add the repo to github
OpenWRT  TL-WDR4300

For my jperf (iperf +java frontend) I recorded increase in NAT speeds for both Routers but I would like those with highspeed internet to give me feedbacks.

Reminder: setting Wireless Region to 'US ' unlocks all "Wireless Goodness"

You can check updates on OpenWRT side using their development site.



Updates refreshed.
Removed Atheros Options since they are actually not support from documentation.
Integrate Jumbo Switch and Storm Filter since there are no issues.

Attitude Adjustment is Tagged and released!

I have also released a Beta version with Jumbo Frames and Storm Filtering
ssh into the router and use

swconfig dev rtl8366rb show (to display switch setting)

swconfig dev rtl8366rb set max_length 3

swconfig dev rtl8366rb set apply (apply the settings)

The rest you can figure out on your own using help option.

Note that the Jumbo Frame is a switch only option reason is that the AR9132 SoC DOES NOT SUPPORT JUMBO FRAME only the switch RTL8366RB do.

I have just release another update, changes are as follows:
-Rename some of the stuff in LuCI
-Removal of excess packages(torrents etc) now 1.8 MB left for you to install the stuff you want
  1. There is a lot of feedback from people who want to install specific packages for their own needs so the best way is to give them space to do that.
-Compress Javascript and CSS
-Update certain packages
-Rename PnP and uShare modules device information
-Remove pure-ftpd and added vsftpd with TLS
(managed to compile successfully and tested it)
  1. vsftpd with TLS does encrypted FTP using less flash and less RAM 
Added Port Monitoring Patches to the switch driver of both Routers

OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment Release For TL-WDR4300
LAN to WAN Wired Benchmark Software Routing

OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment Release for TL-WR1043ND
LAN to WAN Wired Benchmark Software Routing

With L7-Protocol and QoS (Default Configuration)

With L7-Protocol and QoS Service Stopped MSS disabled

Wireless LAN to WAN (2M Line of Sight)
With L7-Protocol and QoS Service Stopped MSS disabled
Using AES WPA2-PSK encryption 40MHZ Fat Channel, noscan enabled dtim_period=1
Basically what you can expect on Wireless.
Note: Results may vary due to interference of surrounding networks

As usual
Factory for upgrading from TP-LINK stock firmware to OpenWRT firmware
Sysupgrade for upgrading from older OpenWRT version to newer OpenWRT version


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, really appreciate the excessive space.

Unknown said...

Sweet! However, I don't see a link to the build. Am I missing something?

Владислав Ишутко said...

It's great!

Can you upload\update changed files, please?

Antonio said...

Hi, thanks for your work.
Can you please use openssh instead of dropbear in the next release? openssh is usefull for ssh tunnel.

Other questions. Can you advise me a wdr4300 is i should buy a new router?

Thanks a lot

Admin said...

If I use openssh instead of dropbear there would be very little space left, we only have 8MB of space available.
Well if you can get WDR4900 is better but you have to build your own openwrt image.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the release! For the next one, could you enable kernel log timestamps? Thanky!

nono98920 said...

Thank you for adapting storm filter and 9k jumboframes for the switch. Your 1043ND builds are top noch :-)

Unknown said...

Hi, will you build a firmware for WDR4900 ?

Admin said...

Please understand that the reason the builds are here is because I own the hardware, what was compiled are primarily for myself, sharing the software is a second thought because since it is completed lets not waste it.

jmartinez50 said...

Hi, thanks for your work.

I'm trying for first time to build my own OpenWRT TL-WR1043ND firmware and I've downloaded your patched OpenWRT sources.

Could you share your configuration file for the "make menuconfig"?
And the feeds that I have to install.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english... :-P

Admin said...

Added the feeds and .config

george kwok said...

can work with 1043 v2 hardware?

Admin said...

@george kwok
No it won't that uses a more powerful 74Kc QCA SoC.

FL said...

How to disabling MSS fix ? I don't know how to disable MSS fix.


Admin said...

Go to firewall page, uncheck MSS Clamping and save.
MSS Clamping = MSS fix.