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Saturday, September 22, 2012

OpenWRT updates

It has been a while since I have written anything, but if you notice I have been updating the OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment Builds on TP-Link WR1043ND.

I have removed a lot of excess packages since so you can actually install the stuff you want. You can do extroot if there is still not enough.

Upgrading the firmware is actually a piece of cake, I do it in 5 minutes.
1) Make sure the backup utility in openwrt backs up the configuration you want.
2) Create archive using the backup utility
3) Flash and clear settings
4) Log in to router update time and disable unwanted startups
5) Upload the backup archive. Done!



iTechTipster said...

I have a 1043ND. I have used DD-WRT before. Right now, I am using Stock Firmware though. I just wanted to know what steps should I follow to install your firmware on my router. And, if I want to go back to stock firmware what should be the procedure? Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Admin said...

For installing the firmware just install the factory version of my compiled firmware.
To change back

Sp4rh4wk said...

Hi, first thanks for great work u r doing with openwrt on 1043ND. My old one got bricked and the new one is rev 1.8 and I have problem with WAN port with your build. I can easily install ddwrt by bypass via german firmware, but I cant install any openwrt with working WAN port. I tryed several your R33502 and R33335 but no luck at all. I find here https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/11898 that u can fix it with: svn merge --revision 32941:32946 but dunno how to do it.. Can u pls update your firmware with that fix?
Or any other suggestions? Thanks

Albe G said...

It could be very nice to add support to NeoRouter package that now it is available for our router. What do you think?

Admin said...

It is not opensource software.

Albe G said...

But the package is freely usable.

Roman Usherenko said...

Hi there. Got the 1043ND piece recently. Decided to put openWRT to it, but I'm new to this thing (had dd-wrt previously)
So I decided to compile it from source, but stumbled upon your blog while it's compiling =) I've read your software list and I like it very much, but I can't find the actual firmware files.
Can you point to a link please?

Caekys said...

Hi alphasparc,

There seems to be a problem with USB storage overlay with your latest beta2 build. I am not able to get it working for me. Am I missing out something?

Really appreciate your great work so far.

Gary Scott said...

The link to the files are: http://www.mediafire.com/?ag5j2jzazcy54

Unknown said...

Is it possible that you build 1043ND firmware with Openvpn. I see latest releases don't have openvpn and it does not have enough space to install them either.

rich said...


I have tried few of your Latest firmware once install I lose internet connection and have to flash back to a older version OpenWrt | OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09-rc1 | Load: 0.42 0.35 0.16
To get it to work again

Admin said...

What do you mean by "lose internet connection"?

FL said...

I find long time. however, I cannot find in Luci where to do the clear settings.

Please help.


p.s. your rom is very great.

Admin said...

Go to system >> backup/flash firmware >> reset to defaults or open a terminal ssh in then
'mtd -r erase rootfs_data'

rich said...

Hi Admin,
No internet connection

I can access the router webpage but when it try to access google or any other web page I get a error this is on every wired and wireless device I have tried my old setting from previous firmware and the same problem no connection to the internet
I have change my network adapter setting thinking that it was the problem in openwrt but still on working connection.

I can only get it working again by flashing back to the older firmware
and my connection is working again

Best Regards

Admin said...

What does it use to connect?
Give the developers on the details and error logs from syslog otherwise no one can help you.

rich said...

Hi Admin,

The connection I use DHCP
Ok I will flash with a new firmware later and post the error logs from syslog.

Did not under stand this part of the question please explain (developers on the details(?

Best Regards

Admin said...

@rich can you telnet/ssh into your Router and run
"grep -a U-Boot /dev/mtd0ro | cut -d'I' -f1"
Paste the output in the comment.

rich said...

Hi admin

I now have it up and running with the new firmware.
I ran this command mtd -r erase rootfs_data

But I was not getting a connection its was because I was reloading my backup setting from the previous setting.
its all running now just have to redo all my setting ie port forward wireless

Many Thanks

Eric McCormick said...

I have the WR1043ND router and trying to have it replace what I have been doing with my RaspberryPi which I am running Lighttpd, MiniDLNA, SAMBA and Transmission on. When I first found your firmware it said it had all those things but it was for a post you made March 3, 2012 and from reading your blog you have removed many packages. Would you be able to link me to one of your builds that does have all those items? If it is long gone, can you explain how you do extroot on your firmware because there doesn't seem to be enough room to install transmission and tranmission-cli after a clean flash? According to the openwrt site it says to do it in fstab but when you open up the file it says it is automatically generated and to use uci to define the filesystem.