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Monday, September 26, 2011

Realtek Driver Mod

For a while there has been a Realtek Driver Mod for Realtek Audio Codec Only.
This Mod enables better Audio by utilizing the X-Fi Software.
I find this mod especially effective on laptops with very low power speakers like the Acer Aspire 3810 Timeline Laptops.

  • Windows Vista/7 and above
  • Local Administrative Permission on the System
The Mod requires the use of a Malware Vector to generate the crack that affects only Delphi Files so Delphi Developers should use with caution, it should not affect most other users. It is not a trojan/worm.
If you don't trust the software do not use it.

Step 1:
Download the Files and uninstall existing Realtek Sound Drivers if any.

Step 2:
Extract and Install the Modified Realtek Drivers (they are not WHQL) using the AsusSetup Executable.

Step 3:

Step 4:
Extract and Install the X-Fi Software.

Step 5:

Step 6:
Right Click on the Sound Blaster Panel icon on the System Tray,
choose Select Audio Device and Select SB-XFi MB2.

Step 7:
Reboot and enter Safe Mode by pressing F8 rapidly during reboot.

Step 8:
Extract the activator, find the .bat file, Right Click on it and Choose Run As Administrator.
Open the Folder C:\ProgramData\Creative\SoftwareLock
Check that the following files below are created:

Step 9:
Delete all the zip files and folders you don't need(Clean Up), Reboot and Enjoy.


cloudstrike said...

hi friend, i had tried your modded driver and its works for me...its really great dude and just to share some modification that i made myself,i had used Realtek driver version 2.67 instead of 2.62

first, i download the official version from Realtek page. Then i extract the executable file using 7zip

second,the extracted file i paste in "Driver" folder located in "Vista_Win7_R262-mod". Allow any windows appears.

Then,run the AsusSetup Executable and proceed the setup.

its works great on my AS4740G core i5.BTW,really appreciate your work dude and its really great..

cloudstrike said...

sorry for my previous comment,its actually doesnt work fully with the modded driver..the x-fi software failed to work if do that..
so for as i apoligize,this is the newer version of the driver.tested and work 100%..

~TePeT~ said...

can you reupload...it dead...