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Monday, May 2, 2011

Transitioning to KDE

Recently I have taken the switch to KDE instead of GNOME 3.

This is due to the fact that GNOME has taken the route of dumbing down the interface to resemble those of android and Meego, I decided to search for an alternative Desktop, because doing 3 steps to achieve something once done in 1 step is definitely a regression.

An OS on Desktop has to have sufficiently accessible and powerful interface especially for users of Linux who enjoys the level of customization they always had before.

Although I still hate applications that start with the 'K' character the usability of KDE makes this forgivable.

Rule 1: There is always a KDE equivalent of GNOME Application.
Rule  2: You are still running LInux.

The Concept of KDE after running it for a while is the use of Widgets.
You will find it is surprisingly very similar to Windows 7 in terms of GUI
(Actually I think Windows 7 copied UI from KDE as KDE 4 was released first but that is not what we are interested in today).

Some of the tweaks I used in OpenSUSE Gnome 11.4 is still applicable like the fonts and applications.

Some Screenshots on what I think are great in KDE 4.

Managed Thumbdrive Action by Clicking the USB Icon on the TaskBar

 Nice Graph displaying the Data Rates on a Network Interface

Type the program you want to run and it appears on the menu like Windows 7
Right Click on it to add a shortcut Taskbar or Desktop

Personalization Control Panel with Grouping

Able to Group Folders according to types

Sysinfo to display computer information

 Plasma Desktop Windows, Note the glowing borders.

Add Widgets of any type of any number just like Windows 7 gadgets

An Example of a Useful Widget, the weather widget

Desktop Effects Control, you can customize the effects you want, KDE Desktop Effects also has a graceful fail-over when an errors occurs. You can also choose to disable Desktop effects to save power just like Windows 7.

I hope these feature are convincing enough for you to try KDE because because it certainly won me over. Enjoy!

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