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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Using Windows Performance Toolkit

I came across this forum post which details how to improve disk layout other than the runidletask command.

You need to install Windows Performance Toolkit by downloading the Windows 7 SDK. (Source).

Then run the commands under Administrative Permission (Source):
xbootmgr -trace boot -prepSystem -verboseReadyBoot
Note: This trick is for Harddisk System Drives only.

It will reboot up to 6 times and after that you should be left with a Windows 7 Installation with Optimized Disk Layout.

The best way to do this is to do it before you sleep
  1. Remove your Login Password for the night
  2. Set UAC to elevate without prompting
  3. By morning everything should be done
  4. Set Password and UAC back to the levels you are happy with
If you ask me I personally felt it worked for me to a certain extend, I will leave this here for you to try it out.

Thanks to the respective authors MagicAndre1981 from MSFN.org for sharing, there are also many other interesting tweaks to check out on the sites.

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