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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Acer WebCam

New Acer WebCam Software from Acer.
This software is special as it is from CyberLink instead of the usual SuYin, Chicony.
Works on older Acers With Chicony WebCam hence no reason it shouldn't work on SuYin WebCams.
  1. New Better looking UI
  2. More Image Adjustment
  3. 1 Click AutoUpdate from CyberLink
Download the software from Acer here (32/64bit Packages)


SRS Surround Software

Download here (Station Driver).
Sounds better with this software but it could be just me.


Nvidia PureVideo

By default we don't get PureVideo for Nvidia Graphics on Acer.
Maybe Acer didn't pay for them as you know Acer Laptops are cheap

But there is a way to get them...from SONY (Only SONY has it No Other OEMs has it) .
Simply go to SONY Site and Download their Nvidia Driver.
SONY Driver With PureVideo (FTP Make sure the FTP ports are not blocked it doesn't support HTTP over FTP)
Double Click to extract and hold the screen and then go to the folder
I have also extracted the PureVideo Component for download here .
You will see weird folders with weird files but this is the location where Windows ALWAYS store temporary extracted files.
So find the folder contain the SONY Nvidia Driver then Find the executable:
PVSonyDll.exe (PV Stands for PureVideo)
Sort the list by Date if you have trouble navigating.

Double Click and install the PV executable and it is done.

PureVideo is something which enhances Video Playback you may or may not notice any difference.


BadCarbine said...

works great. thanks! How did you find out about it?

Admin said...

Just random surfing on Acer Download site.
You have to know underlining each device architecture they are the same.
The WebCam actually uses the same Windows driver but the software application designed around it can change.
I do surf Acer Download Site for new models to check for new software(They don't bother to update old stuff).

rahul28488 said...

that webcam software is 64-bit...where i can find one which is 32-bit.