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Monday, January 31, 2011

List Of Modified BIOS Collection

Here are the list of Modified BIOS Collection (mainly SLIC Mods), no warranty provided use at your own discretion!

Acer Aspire 4520G BIOS
Acer Aspire 4530 BIOS
Acer Aspire 4535G BIOS
Acer Aspire 6920G BIOS 
Acer Aspire 9920 BIOS 
Acer Aspire 6292 BIOS
Acer Aspire 2920Z BIOS
Acer Aspire 5516 BIOS

Palit_N73PV (Desktop Motherboard)

They are all labeled check the filename before flashing and report if you notice anything wrong.

Crisis Disk in case anything goes wrong (For Phoenix BIOS) Recovery Procedures may differ.
DOS Flashing Package to flash in DOS Mode.

A Good Tool to check for BIOS Information: RW-Everything.

In fact I have a lot of modified BIOS files but I lost track of what models they are for...so thats it!


BadCarbine said...

The acer 4530 bios link takes me to the 4520G bios. Can you fix this so i can download the 4530 bios?

Also, what do these mods provide? How is it different than standard bios?

Admin said...

Fixed the links.
The mods are mainly SLIC 2.1 meaning Wind0ws 7 license code are overwritten over Vi5ta ones.

BadCarbine said...

I'm still using vista actually. Will this give me trouble?

I see that you have many files for it. I'm guessing that "Z05_3334_NEW_VGA_BIOS.WPH" is the newest one?

And what is the difference between Z05_3334_NEW_VGA_BIOS.WPH and Z05_3334_6_NEW_VGA_BIOS.WPH?

Thanks! And sorry for asking so many questions :P

Admin said...

Z05_3334_6 is the Z05_3334_NEW_VGA_BIOS.WPH + a few updated modules from Z05_3336, I didn't mod Z05_3336 because it has problems whenever you remove the battery.

Admin said...

You need to update your license certificate to SLIC 2.1 if you flash using this BIOS. Key is the same.
Because Vista uses SLIC 2.0.

You find that after updating Vista becomes non-genuine. Then you need to download the Acer SLIC 2.1 Certificate and "slmgr - ilc cert.xrm-rs" it before it becomes genuine.

BadCarbine said...

awesome! thanks. One last question: does this contain the fan control fix you wrote here: http://aspiregemstone.blogspot.com/2009/12/acer-aspire-4530-actual-fan-control.html

Admin said...

Nope I didn't mod the fan table.
I think it is better to install the Dell Mobile Nvidia Chipset Driver.

Azmi said...

hey dude whats the benefit of using these modified bios. Will they allow me to use more shared memory for graphic card?

Azmi said...

bcoz thats what im looking for

Admin said...

If you are using Low End Graphics increasing Shared Memory will not do a difference to the performance. These BIOS have Windows SLP activation.

Azmi said...

the laptop is acer 4530. Im trying to run GTA 4/EFLC on it. Saw a guy on youtube running it at 20fps with the same specs. while i could only run it at 10fps. the strange thing is his nvdia gforce 9100m g vram is 512. I asked him and he said its modified bios.

Admin said...

Lowering the resolution will increase the fps.
OverClocking the GPU will increase the fps.
Turning off all the fancy effects like Anti-Aliasing, Shadows will increase the fps
Using special tuned for performance Geforce Driver will increase fps find it at laptopvideo2go
Increasing VRAM WILL NOT increase fps Think of it like increasing Car Capacity will not increase the top speed of the car.

Azmi said...

OCing GPU didnt do nothin(after a google i knew gta 4 is cpu intensive)..Well ok i did thought of that..not worth taking the risk of bricking this laptop..