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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Windows Essentials 2011 breaks SAMBA Shares

If you are a user of Windows Shares and you use SAMBA to connect to it from your GNU\Linux Machine, you will find after installing Windows Essentials 2011 on the host you break the SAMBA Share.
You will no longer be able to connect to Windows Share from your GNU\Linux Machine.

WORKAROUND 1 (Highly Recommended):

In Windows Live Essentials 2011, Windows Live Sign In Assistant exist as a Windows Service so we need to disable it.

Go to Control Panel, then Services.

Find a Service called "Windows Live Sign-in Assistant" as shown below:

Double Click on it and set it to "Disable"

Save, exit and reboot.


Uninstall Windows Essentials 2011 COMPLETELY

You have to revert to the old Windows Live Essentials and uninstall the Live Sign In Assistant through the Control Panel .

Exit and reboot.


orviwan said...

I managed to get this working, but it involves allowing anonymous access to specific shared folders.

Fon't do this if you're paranoid about security.

1. On the 'Security' tab of your shared folder, give the 'ANONYMOUS LOGON' user account 'Read' & 'List folder contents'.

2. On the 'Share permissions' tab, give the 'ANONYMOUS LOGON' user account 'Read' access.

3. Start > Secpol.msc .... Navigate to 'Local Policies' > 'Security Options' > 'Network access: Shares that can be accessed anonymously'. Enter the share name. e.g. FamilyMovies. You add one per line for multiple shares.

Job done. No need to uninstall Live Essentials 2011.

Admin said...

Ok I will try when I got the time.

Evan said...

That workaround did not work for me :(

nfitz said...

I have a fix.
Download here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LM6TLNPK

Ignore dummy file within zip. Right click and choose 'edit' on the .reg file before using.

If you don't understand the content, you shouldn't be using it.

Works 100%. Shares enabled again to my mediabox with Win7 x64 and Live 2011.

Run the .reg file and all is well.