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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Nvidia Developer Driver 260.99 (WHQL)

Looks like Nvidia screwed up.
New Nvidia Verde Driver (WHQL signed by Microsoft )  Version 260.99 within 2 weeks...

New Nvidia Verde Driver (WHQL signed by Microsoft )  Version 260.81
Warning! I had 2 crash dumps and black screen hangs while using this 260.81 driver.
I can almost swear it is as buggy as it could be so use it at your own risk.
I can't believe Microsoft WHQLed this buggy driver...
  • Retains the PhysX Options for Nvidia G310M which is not supposed to be PhysX-able
  • Includes High Def Audio Driver
New Nvidia Developer Driver (WHQL signed by Nvidia) version 260.61
  • Retains the PhysX Options for Nvidia G310M which is not supposed to be PhysX-able
  • Doesn't Include NVIDIA High Def Audio Driver so you have to use the high-def audio driver from older Drivers
  • (If you are missing the NVIDIA High Def Audio Driver copy C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\260.89\Vista 64-bit\International\HDAudio Folder to C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\260.61\Vista 64-bit\International\HDAudio Folder) It will detect the HDAudio Driver and attempt to install it.
Take a look at the new screens:

Download links
Nvidia Signed 260.61 here
Microsoft Signed 260.99 here

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Checking Battery Capacity in Windows 7

Alternatively there is a Free software to measure power consumption by Microsoft Research.
It is called JouleMeter.
Find out more about it here.

A new feature in Windows 7 is the ability to check battery capacity.
Take a look at the following:

Open a Command Prompt Windows with Administrative Permission
powercfg /Energy

It will create a report in

There is one line like this
Battery:Battery Information
Battery ID 11121SANYOAS07A31
Manufacturer SANYO
Serial Number 11121
Chemistry LION
Long Term 1
Design Capacity 48840
Last Full Charge 41214
The amount of battery life left can be calculated by
eg. 41214/48840*100
Formula:  (Last Full Charge)/(Design Capacity) * 100
Which equates to 84.38% meaning my laptop battery has only 84.38% of charge left (because I didn't take good care of it. There was a few times when the battery was almost fully drain)

So make sure you switch off the laptop or connect it to an AC outlet when battery life reaches 10% and do not expose it to high temperatures.

Alternatively you can download the new HWMonitor as it reports the charge capacity directly.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Audio Driver Matching

The reason for this new post is because I found out something interesting about MSI Release Audio Drivers.
Compared to Acer Default drivers they are richer in sound yet utilities the same audio chip.
However going by their filename I believe it is device id optimized.
So how do you find out the audio chip in your laptop desktop?
Go to Control Panel, open up Realtek Audio Driver Control Panel and check the audio chip used.

The Audio Codec will be listed.
Further proof that Audio Codec is dependent on Audio Chip installed and not device driver:

So which MSI driver to use?
Check the filename: ad_alc888s_vc2_6.0.1.6151_al00.zip
This indicates the driver is optimized for the ALC888S Audio Chip in the laptop.
I listed all the device driver on MSI by the Device ID just download & install!



"ASUS EAX 5.0 THX "Stealth Fighter" Laptop Audio Driver"

ad/ad_alc269_X_al00.zip (All I know is the Realtek Chip is ALC269 based)

"MSI THX Certified + 4 Premium Sound Speakers" Driver






"Sound by Dynaudio with DTS Surround" Driver






This entry will be updated from time to time just check the last modified entry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just A Query From Readers.

Edit: I found this video which explains exactly what I was trying to say in a better more coherent sense. Thought I wanted to share this with you guys.

My opinion of the world today is rather negative.

I see people getting excited over silly devices like a iphone over more important matter like family, society, country and the world.

Superpower wage war over non-existent WMDs (even though the intelligence agency reported NO THREAT) and the leader got away with indirectly causing the death of the soldiers in his own country, in the country where in was fought burning away cash in the form of expensive weapons used. It is like mass murder in the public view of everyone and no one actually cares...

We also have filthy rich companies concern with saving money as a result causing pollution over the environment and putting a price tag on it. IMO money can never buy back the same state it was previously.

In the 21sth Century IMO mankind has sink to unprecedented depths again...but this is worse given that it was caused by apathy not by a single country but by people all over the world.

In my country (Singapore) a lot of parents are both working neglecting kids just to get a higher standard of living to purchase useless stuff like the iphone which almost cost a laptop not to mention the exorbitant monthly subscription.

People start engaging in trashy shows and useless advertising instead of reading useful materials like books.

In my country students study just to pass exams...

Does that happen all over the world or is it just my country? What is your opinion on this?