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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Stuff I discovered regarding temperature control

Recently I updated all my drivers again but soon I realized that my laptop was running hotter than usual.
I mean really hot like 60 degrees on Idle.
I soon narrowed it down to the latest chipset driver I install so I reverted to the old driver and surprisingly it went down.
I took a look using HWMonitor and found that the latest chipset driver was working the processor really hard consuming 25watts constantly on idle.
I downgraded the chipset driver to the previous version and the problem disappeared immediately.
So the story of this lesson is do not assume anything and anything newer shiny != greater.

So if you encounter heat issues you might also wish to try revert to old version.
Also for Windows 7 compatible machines setting the processor cooling management to passive means the fan will spin less (quieter) but it will operate at generally higher temperatures. In contrast setting it to passive mode means it will spin more (noisier) but keep temperatures lower.


Mark Morgan said...

Looks like I have a similar problem. Hard disk died on my Aspire 5535 so I've re-installed everything on a new disk. But now the machine dies regularly and is running extremely hot. The core hit 102C earlier!

It's idling along now at 60C and using 4.8W.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Admin said...

I do have some postings on dissembling Systems replacing thermal paste to reduce thermal output. You might want to check them out.

Admin said...

You should also check out the undervolting posting on my blog.