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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Audio Driver Matching

The reason for this new post is because I found out something interesting about MSI Release Audio Drivers.
Compared to Acer Default drivers they are richer in sound yet utilities the same audio chip.
However going by their filename I believe it is device id optimized.
So how do you find out the audio chip in your laptop desktop?
Go to Control Panel, open up Realtek Audio Driver Control Panel and check the audio chip used.

The Audio Codec will be listed.
Further proof that Audio Codec is dependent on Audio Chip installed and not device driver:

So which MSI driver to use?
Check the filename: ad_alc888s_vc2_6.0.1.6151_al00.zip
This indicates the driver is optimized for the ALC888S Audio Chip in the laptop.
I listed all the device driver on MSI by the Device ID just download & install!



"ASUS EAX 5.0 THX "Stealth Fighter" Laptop Audio Driver"

ad/ad_alc269_X_al00.zip (All I know is the Realtek Chip is ALC269 based)

"MSI THX Certified + 4 Premium Sound Speakers" Driver






"Sound by Dynaudio with DTS Surround" Driver






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JimmitU & MayU said...

Hi! Thanx for the guide. It's not very common to find tweaks and fixes for the AS4740. Just one question, I have the same Hardware Id as the picture. It means I have the ALC888S or the plain ALC888?

Admin said...

It is the ALC888S.
S means 5.1 surround although AS4740 only have 2 physical speaker.

Gube said...

No love for the ALC889? Darn.

walao eh said...

Hi, I would like to install the optimized audio driver however, the download links are not working anymore. Can you please update the download link? Thanks :)

Admin said...

You should try these drivers.
It includes Creative Equalizers.
There is a big difference after installing these.