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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Simple Way To Improve Laptop Battery Life For Arrandale CPU

There is actually a simple way to improve Mobility Life on Laptop with the Mobile Core i3/5/7 CPU.
Windows Vista/7 Power Plans have often been overlooked.
If you checked the new Arrandale CPUS they have unique characteristics.
They have multiple Power-States that varies by multiplier so any Power State you set will be available instead of only having 3 fixed discrete Power States.
So 1 advantage you can take of this is to limit the Maximum Processor state in Windows 7 Advance Power plan.

I am sure many of you don't game on a battery supply therefore on Mobile usage on Battery usually all work that is done is usually Office Typing and WebSurfing that do not require the processor to run at maximum capability.
The good part about Arrandale is you gain what you set.

Meaning when you set 40% Maximium Processor state on battery the CPU clocks exactly at 40% of Max Processor state instead of a lower Power State thus making this a viable solution to power saving.

Formula: Core Speed = Bus Speed X Multiplier

On older Processors like the Core 2 Duo and the Turion II and Turion I this is not a good solution because when you set at X% the processor will lock its maximum at the Power State rounded of to the nearest Power state so you encounter more performance penalty. For the Core i3 330M this is not an issue because the multiplier scales very well as show below the frequency varies linearly.

Refer to the scaling comparison below to see the difference

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