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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For those people who read "Tech News" a lot I hope when you read them you take them (a fact all Tech News") with a pinch of salt and go find out about the real thing instead otherwise you will end up reading a load of crap like this.

Personally I prefer reading from the Developers themselves (who know about it better than they do?).

Here is a REAL article detailing EFI and BIOS.

I will just simplify certain concepts in the article.
1)UEFI supports increased drive partition size by using GPT (No MBR hacks)

2)Standardised design so your system can boot many different OS out of box. BIOS had a lot of different implementations by Phoenix, AMI and Award.

3)UEFI is actually a mini-OS it is coded in C therefore can run applications complied to run on EFI so it is possible to do without drivers.

4)EFI adds IPv6 to network boot, standardising networks.

Nothing to do with Fancy GUI or BIOS replacing firmware, rather a next step in BIOS evolution.

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