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Monday, April 26, 2010

How to upgrade Win7 From 32bit to 64bit using your original license key

The reason I am doing this post is because some OEM Vendors still install Windows 7 32bit on Retail Systems, however you can get more performance on your system if you used a 64bit OS instead, it is unfair to users to bear the system limitations.

What this guide is good for?
  • You want a bloatware free Windows 7 Install at the same time you don't want to purchase another Windows 7 License.
  • You want to upgrade your original 32bit Windows 7 to 64bit Windows 7
  • You lost the original recovery partition and do not have the recovery cd and yet you don't want to buy the recovery cd or a new Windows 7 License.
NOTE: This will only work for Laptops or OEM Desktops preloaded with OEM Windows 7 as these Systems has a special SLIC 2.1 BIOS which enables OEM Activation.
Do not message me HERE on how to make this work on Systems that do not have OEM Windows 7 preloaded with it.

Lets take for example the Acer Aspire 4530 Laptop (Tested).
Special Treat for Acer Aspire 4530 owners only update to my custom BIOS containing SLIC2.1 here to get the upgrade at no cost.

If you want to get the DOS Bootable Thumbdrive Creator package to flash the BIOS from DOS here it is.

For laptops preloaded with Windows 7 you don't need to do any of the above.
On a Windows 7 Client 32bit OS it can only utilise up to 2.8GB of RAM regardless of the Total RAM available.
(Maximium usable RAM is 3GB in all 32bit Windows 7 Editions)
However on a Windows 7 Client 64bit OS it can support up to 3.8GB of RAM
(Assuming you have the maximum 4GB installed)
The performance difference is significant 1.0GB difference.(the missing 0.2 is due to 9100MG Integrated Graphics).
Start Here for Windows 7 Preloaded Laptop

Backup All Your Important Data Before Proceding !
  1. Firstly google and prepare all the 64bit Windows 7 Drivers you need.
  2. Next take any retail copy of Windows 7 64bit (or download an uncracked version from Bittorrent. There is no need to get a retail CD-Key as we will be using OEM CD-Key) and install the type you own.
Example if you have a Windows 7 Home Premium License Sticker, install the Windows 7 Home Premium Version.

  • Uncheck Automatically Activate When Online, and Do Not type in any Product Key.

After installing and setting up the OS, download the Acer 2.1 OEM Certificate and put it inside :


If you don't have the folder, create it.

Then open up a Command Windows with Windows 7 Administrative Permission and Enter the Commands below(Make sure the filename of the xrm-ms is correct).

slmgr.vbs -ilc C:\Windows\System32\OEM\Acer.xrm-ms

Next, choose one of the Acer OEM Keys shown below the version you have installed in your system:
Note the OEM Keys are NOT UNIQUE meaning EVERY Acer Laptop which has Windows 7 Preloaded is using one of the following CD-Keys, depending on the version of Windows 7.

Then Activate

Then install the 64bit drivers (Very Important, No computer is usable without the correct drivers!).

You are done.

Note: The Activation is done offline, you do not need any internet connection to do this.

Use this keyfinder to check your current OEM License Key and match it to the appropriate OEM Certificate, for Acer you will find that it is one of the keys I listed above.


Limsmlf said...

Does this work on acer 4820TG? And also will my data be erased like reformat?

Admin said...

AS4820TG comes with SLIC2.1 so it will work as well.
Data on the partition you are installing Windows to will be erased as usual.
Also note D2D Recovery will no longer work as the MBR is replaced by the Windows default MBR so you will need to find the guide (also in this blog) to activate recovery partition if you ever want to use it.

Ahmad Sukri said...

I used Aspire 4530. Which one of the your custom BIOS should I download from your mediafire folder? Since there is 6 files in there.

Admin said...

All of them will work.
Personally I recommend Z05_3334_NEW_VGA_BIOS.WPH
It is Updated VGA Module + SLIC 2.1.

muhd deedat said...

admins pls reupload again regarding this section>>
(Special Treat for Acer Aspire 4530 owners only update to my custom BIOS containing SLIC2.1)
the download link is dead..

is it ok to use yours tools on this repack/rebulid os windows 7 xDark v4xx RG Deluxe x86/x64 sp1(activated)
reply me plss...

Admin said...

Someone or something flagged the download, I think I lost the file for good.
The BIOS is to avoid using modified Windows 7 image which can contain malware.