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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Correct Way to install Wireless Adapter Drivers

The question is how do you actually install a Wireless Adapter Driver with the maximum feature possible?

This blog entry will show you the way to install Wireless Adapter Driver in Windows to utilise the maximum feature possible.

1)After you reformated the Harddisk and clean installed Windows, do not be in a hurry to install the Wireless Adapter Driver's "Setup.exe". If you execute Setup.exe immediately before Windows has the chance to detect it and install the Windows Driver from Microsoft Updates, the virtual miniport adapter will not be pushed into the system.

By defaults Windows will autodetect the Wireless Adapter just go into Device Manager and Click "Detect Hardware"

Why do we do this?
This is because if you follow this method Windows will create a Virtual Device WiFi Miniport Adapter.
It is a new Windows 7 feature that allows your laptop to act as a Wireless Access Point (AP).
It will create a New Virtual Adapter Connection as shown below.

If you get a extra "2 or 3" behind your default Wireless Network Connection (which means your Virtual Miniport Adapter shows up as 3 or 4), that means the last time you removed the Wireless Adapter Driver it wasn't cleaned up properly, resulting in  "Wireless Network Connection 1" occupied by a Non-Existent Device in the Windows Registry.
Do a search in Regedit.exe and remove it if you find it irritating.

After that to update the Device Driver to the latest version do the following:

Extract the Latest Wireless Adapter Driver to a location.
Make sure the inf file exist.
Update the driver through device manager.

Point the update location to the driver location.

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