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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Acer Aspire 4740G EFI and Memory Bug

Acer sent me a EFI/BIOS Version 1.07 which fixed the DEP issue however no ability to activate switch able graphics was provided and 256MB is still being mysteriously eaten up by Intel HD Graphics.
It is officially out now in Acer Support Site so download from there directly.
Found a bug in Acer Aspire 4740G EFI Bug
From Intel Spec Site
The i3 330M Processor supports
Execute Disable Bit Yes

To verify this on your own Acer Aspire 4740/4740G
Download Securable here.
To access the Windows Advance Menu, Go to Control Panel >> System >> Advance System Settings >> Advance >> Performance Settings >> Data Execution Prevention.
Why is this vital?
Data Execution Prevention improves system security by flagging non executable code as non executable so malicious code cannot buffer overrun into execution hence if Acer really screwed this up Acer Aspire 4740G security could be potentially at risk.

I took a look into the EFI Firmware this is the feature which is not enabled:
Use XD Capability [Enable/Disable Processor XD Capability]
XD refers to Intel eXecute bit Disable Bit.

Add 1 more bug to the mix:

Acer if you are reading this and is sorry about the surprises you sprang please enable the Intel HD Switchable Graphics in the BIOS as an Apology to all AS4740 owners. I know it is there.
Either you remove Intel HD Graphics Memory reserve or you enable Switchable.
The Switchable Graphics Capability is as shown in the EFI firmware:
Set Display Mode Configure Type Integrated Graphics Discrete Graphcis Switchable Graphics


Brainy142 said...

Try looking in the bios

Admin said...

I have confirmed this issue with other Acer Aspire 4740 owners it is a firmware defect.
As you know Acer BIOS has practically nothing to set and will always stay that way.
Escalated the issue with Acer.

rikamimekushi said...

so?what will happen to that laptop having problem like that?should i sell back that laptop?

Admin said...

Just bug Acer for a BIOS Update to fix it.

wannafwm said...

can u remind or tell me which bios updated need to install to this laptop.thanks for advance

Admin said...

Currently even V1.05 have the same bug.
So you have to bug Acer Customer Service for an Update to fix this.

Akbar said...


I have found new firmware for Acer 4740/G and have tested them in my notebook. There are has been fix now.

You can download them at http://rapidshare.com/files/395777962/BIOS_ACER_1.07_Windows_AS4740.zip


Anonymous said...

quote "As you know Acer BIOS has practically nothing to set and will always stay that way."

See Acer BIOS mod

Anonymous said...

sorry im newbie..please give me an exact tutorial..how can i update bios 1.07 on my aspire 4740G?..thnk in advnce =)

Anonymous said...

In the BIOS_Acer_1.07_A_A.zip I got from support.acer.com site, there are two readme.txt file, each with differing description about what to do to update the BIOS (not to mention that they are written in delicious Engrish).

Good job, acer, professional work indeed.

Admin said...

There are 2 because they offer 2 ways of flashing the EFI.
1)In windows, close all programs and plug in battery and adapter to a reliable wall socket then you flash and don't interrupt until it completes.
2)In DOS Mode, this is my preferred mode because there is less likelihood of Windows Service interruption in DOS, in DOS nothing else is running except flashing.
You have to create a DOS Boot Disk to boot from and flash using the batch file hence more difficult in a way.

Kuma said...

It seems Acer insistent on leaving intel discrete graphic there without giving the user ability to utilize it =\

Paxan said...

I do not have your laptop, but you might want to look into this:

Who knows, maybe it will help =).

Admin said...

I actually extracted the Setup Menu the section with regards to Memory is as shown below.

Text: 'System Memory:','640 KB' Flags:0x0 Key:0x0
End If
Text: 'Total Memory','[Not Detected]' Flags:0x0 Key:0x0
Grayout If
EQ [0x76<1>] == 0x1
+Suppress If
EQ [0x76<1>] == 0x0
Text: 'Video Memory:','None' Flags:0x0 Key:0x0
End If
Grayout If
EQ [0x76<1>] == 0x0
+Suppress If
EQ [0x76<1>] == 0x1
One Of [0xf2<1>] 'Video Memory:'
Option '32MB' = 0x0 Flags 0x0 Key 0x0
Option '64MB' = 0x1 Flags 0x0 Key 0x0
Option '128MB' = 0x2 Flags 0x1 Key 0x0
End One Of
End If
Suppress If
LIST [0x86<1>] in (0x0,0x1)
One Of [0xf3<1>] 'Video Memory:'
\Help text: ' Select the size of DVMT 3.0 that the Internal Graphics Device will use'
Option '128MB' = 0x1 Flags 0x0 Key 0x0
Option '256MB' = 0x2 Flags 0x1 Key 0x0

At most it is possible to drop the unmapped memory to 32MB.

Megatr0n said...

I have tried asking for bios update and how to enable the Intel Graphics. But the service center said "Why do you update bios if there are no errors?" and "updating bios is not necessary", they said.
And so i asked again how to use intel graphics and they said "Press "P" button in one-key section and it will go to power saving mode and it will use Intel graphics". But I tried pressing "P", nothing happens. Maybe they are cheating us. If you found something, please e-mail to me.

.artemis said...

Hi I have the computer you're reviewing with a Core i5 processor but unlike the model you review my laptop gets super hot even when i use a cooler. Sometimes when playing some games that are really ancient (Warcraft 3, AOE 3), it gets so hot that the computer shuts down by itself.
I looked up some programs that could check the processor temperature and at times it was almost 100 degrees celsius! I reformatted my computer as an early test but it didnt help. Any ideas on what may cause this?

Admin said...

If it is under warranty and you are not confident of dismantling the laptop bring it to the service centre.
It is most likely poor application of the thermal paste that is causing the issue.

Crazyass said...

Hi there,

I'm having a problem with upgrading my 4740g ram, when installing (64bit) 2*4g the computer runs to the blue windows screen then automatically shuts down (black screen) I've tried with using 6g (2g+4g) the problem doesn't occur. Is there a way to fix such a problem?


Admin said...

Try using a different set of modules.
Mixing Modules with different Chip Density can cause what you experienced.