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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Synaptic Driver Update Feature Must See!

(Opened FTP Ports required to download the driver)
Synaptics HP Touchpad driver unlocks all multitouch gestures on all touchpad > version 6.2.
Now I officially have multitouch on my Acer Aspire 4530!
You guys seriously must update to this driver. One Word: Awesome!

New Features:
-3 Fingers Application Launch
-2 Fingers Scrolling
-Flick Function etc...

Please note the amount of features unlocked by this driver may vary according to the touchpad version you own.
You need at least a V6.2 Touchpad.

To install:

Continue to Click Yes when you see install messages.
Restart the Computer.
Double Click:
The filename may differ due to different versions

Continue to Click Yes to All Messages.
After that restart.

To Access The Configuration Utility:

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