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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fix For Acer Aspire 4530 AMD-V BIOS Bug

I thought that it was time to address some issues with Aspire 4530.
It bugs me that there is a bug in the BIOS with regards to Acer Aspire 4530 AMD-V Hardware Virtualisation.
I encounter the issue occasionally something it was able to boot to XPMode and freeze during restart.

Sometimes there is a BSOD Screen Message "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval. "
Sometimes it just freezes with no Message or error handling.

I think we should use the power of the web to demand a fix for our computers just as the Dell Guys did.
It should be a similar issue as the Dell Owners were having issues with AMD-V as well and it was fixed with an unofficial update.

If I knew what was changed then I would be able to mod the BIOS but unfortunately I have no idea so guys, I urge you to bug Acer for a BIOS fix.
If they said that they do not support Professional / Ultimate Windows 7 then ask why was the relevant drivers provided on their support site?
This sort of response is just to get us off their backs we should persist and demand it solved as it shouldn't be broken in the first place, this is a bug fix not an additional feature.

Please guys just take 5 mins to fill this up.

Problem Type:
Request Updated BIOS
Errors Message:
A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval.
Describe your Problem:
The laptop in Question is Acer Aspire 4530 which is not selectable in the drop down box.
When Hardware Virtualisation is enabled the laptop freezes sometimes displaying the error message.
Only a force shutdown can bring the laptop out of the frozen state.
Please use BIOS Version 1.3333/1.3334 as a base for bug fixes as 1.3335/1.3336 isn't stable. It has a shutdown, restart issue when all power is removed and restored.


Eduardo said...

tambien tengo el mismo problema,ya les envie la solicitud sobre ese error, haber que respuesta dan, ojala todos lo hagan saludos.

I have the same problem too, i already sent the problem with the acer guys, i hope he give an anwswer to our problem, everybody should do the same thing to make hurry the process. See yaa

(sorry for my english xD)

useyourlogic said...

okay, this is embarrassing.i didn't read this post and now i already updated BIOS to 1.3336 and the result is i can't get through to the internet with my 4530. the launch manager kept on saying my Wireless LAN is disabled. problem continues with my bluetooth.

question is, do i have to downgrade my BIOS? if so, how? and if i don't can you suggest what should i do? thanks in advance :)

Admin said...

The version 1.3336 shouldn't disable Wireless LAN. Check Control Panel > Admin Tools > Device Manager if the device is enabled.

David Thomson said...

just ive updated to 1.3336 version. but i didnt get any problem....its working fine on my machine...
may be you should try it in

which is dated on 11/17/2009.......

especially bison camera driver in working fine with this bios version.....

him4rt said...

Hi, any progress on this?

I've tried the link, but it seems broken.

ihlim97 said...

They asked me to use bios version 1.3336. They said this version has no bugs. I hate their customer support.