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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aspire 4530 Updated BIOS

Hey guys!
Good News!
I discovered a new VGA BIOS Module for Acer Aspire 4530.
Guess which laptop was it from?
It was an EMachine G620!
It also uses Nvidia 9100M G
The original Acer Aspire 4530 VGA BIOS Module is:
BIOS Version
Dated: 04/23/08
While I found this VGA BIOS in Acer EMachine.

BIOS Version
Dated: 04/23/08
I tested on one of my BIOS archive and it works.
Soon I am going to update all my BIOS with this newer VGA BIOS Module.
You can see the change in VGA BIOS version when you press F2 to Enter BIOS.

You can find the BIOS Files here.


rikamimekushi said...

how to update bios?

Admin said...

It is under Quick Links.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Did You try this vga bios on Your Aspire 4530 ? It works OK ? Whats the difference between "Z05_3334_6_NEW_VGA.WPH" and "Z05_3334_NEW_VGA_BIOS.WPH" ?
This files have the same size but have differ file hash.

Admin said...

All the BIOS are tested.
The one with the new VGA BIOS is done by extracting the VGA BIOS of Emachine Laptop with Nvidia 9100M G then replacing the Acer Aspire 4530 VGA BIOS module with it as it is more updated.

ardi_ikit said...

i use my acer aspire 4530 with 4 GB Ram, Windows 7 x64 and a cooling pad
On idle , speed fan reads 80 C
On Peak , it reads 91 C
is it normal for acer aspire 4530?
can bios upgrade solve my problem?

Admin said...

You are looking at the wrong solution, when something is hot you look at how to dissipate heat more efficiently which in this case it is to dissemble the laptop apply good thermal paste and improve air flow.

~TePeT~ said...

I want to ask....
If crash how to restore original bios...

I use Bios Phonex...

Admin said...

Please understand what a BIOS does before attempting any BIOS fixes as the BIOS is usually NOT the problem.
Any self-attempted fixes without expert knowledge can brick your computer.

When you flash the BIOS it is resetted to AHCI Mode if you installed the PC in IDE Mode set it back. Don't make assumptions it does not work.