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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Full Acer Aspire 4530 Optimization

Some people just can't be bothered to READ yet want their issues fixed.

1)Dissemble the Computer
Dissemble the fan completely.
Clean up all the dust in the fan.
Throw away the thermal pad the thermal sink interface well with the GPU without the need for a thermal pad.
Replace their factory thermal paste with MX-2 (recommended)

2)Undervolt the Griffin CPU using K10STAT
1)Make sure the voltage setting is stable and tested using K10STAT and Intel Burn In.

3)Download Acer Aspire Fan Control Program
Run the speed to high during gaming.

4)If you want you can cut larger vent holes into the laptop casing but this is optional.

5)If you have webcam driver issues, try Bison Drivers(32/64bit Compatible) and make sure during dissembly the large white connector in the top left hand corner is fully secure.

Please don't ask me the same question again & again I am tired of repeating myself like a broken tape recorder.

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