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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Acer Aspire 4530 Drivers

Please refer to the updated page here

WebCam Driver:
Download from here

For Windows 7 (Install 64bit Driver Version whenever applicable to a 64bit Windows OS, some drivers include a 2 in 1 installer to detect what OS you are using)

Chipset Driver:
Download from here

Audio Driver:
Download from here

VGA Driver:
Download from here

Launch Manager:
Acer Download site

Wireless Driver:
Just do a Windows Update from the OS the latest driver will be pushed down to the system if you included optional updates.

Card Reader Driver (Look for Card Reader Driver Download Section in Realtek Site):
Download from here

Modem Driver:
Acer Download site since Foxconn don't provide 3rd Party Driver Support

Bluetooth Driver(Look for Bluetooth Driver Download Section in BroadCom Site):
From BroadCom Site or Acer Download site

Touchpad Driver:
From HP Website

FingerPrint Driver (For Selected Models):
Windows Update will push down the drivers

Ethernet Driver(Look for BroadCom NetXtreme for Mobile Driver Download Section in BroadCom Site):
From BroadCom(Update Manual Via Windows Device Manager there is no installer) Site or Acer Download site

For Windows Xp users you need to install AMD Processor Driver from AMD Sites otherwise 'Quiet n Cool' wouldn't work.
Anyway I don't recommend Windows Xp when Windows 7 is out.


Anonymous said...

I upgraded my 4530 to windows 7 64 bit and can't get my 5 in 1 card reader to work or reconized. I installed nvidia drivers and realtek card reader driver but no worky. Could you help me

Vincent said...

Try installing the main drivers of the chipset itself. I guess that should solve. Mine is working for the SD Cards, did not check with any other.