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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fixed My Left Speaker

Ok, I had issues with my left speaker on my laptop. It was dead.
So if I were to order the exact replacement it would cost more than $100 for the entire front panel palm rest moreover it was also out of warranty.
But it is not worth it because a speaker isn't worth that much for a replacement.
I had 2 approaches.
1)Remove the left speaker and replace the speaker (actually it is called a tweeter) with a Generic Internal Part.
This failed because the Generic Tweeters sold are not as high quality as the original and wasn't able to generate the exact frequency and amplitude of the original and undamaged right speaker.
2)Buy a off the shelf speaker set from ebay and replace the left speaker.
This approach worked.
I got a speaker set of another laptop model.
The speaker is an identical 4 ohm 2 watt speaker.
However I had to cut out the speaker connectors as they are split into 2 pin left, 2 pin right rather than the original 4 pin .
After some modification I was able to get the connectors right. Plugging them in works as well, producing the right sound.
However the right speaker was still slightly louder, I suspect the original speaker had an air column under which produced louder bass.

I am still satisfied with the final result as 1)it doesn't cost much 2)the new speakers were of comparable sound quality.

The slight difference in sound quality wasn't due to the air column, it was due to the positioning under the speaker cover I shifted it slightly and attached it using tape and the difference was alleviated.


Anonymous said...

same problem here..is it very common case for us acer 4530 user =_=

Need Help!! said...

me too!! my acer aspire 4530 left speaker not work........
please give some help. ^__^

Admin said...

Buy a replacement laptop internal speaker and replace the not sounding 1 with it.
You need to mod the connectors as well.

cybersix said...

do you happen to know where to buy internel speaker for acer 4530? how much?

my left speaker seems do not working, after 2 years using. right speaker still loud as usual.

can you provide manual how to guide to replace the internal speaker??

thnx you..

Admin said...

You can find them here .
Make sure the shape fits or you might need to do some cutting. You can get the dissembly guide from the dissembly page.

cybersix said...

Admin, can I use this Acer Aspire 4520 Z03 Speakers Internal Speaker Set to place my left speaker Acer 4530?

Which model, their speaker sound quality is similar to Acer 4530?


cybersix said...

Admin, need help "cut out the speaker connectors as they are split into 2 pin left, 2 pin right rather than the original 4 pin ."

I already bought acer 4520 speaker set.Based on some reading this set can produce same quality sound.

Admin said...

You just need to trim the centre until the 2 pin and fit together in the 4 pin.
Left -> =| Right -> |=
Combine both =||=

cybersix said...


this is acer 4520 4pin connector. So I have to cut in the middle right? To split 2 pin for left, 2 pin for right, correct? We ONLY need 2 pin for left speaker, right?

Need ur help.

Admin said...

Yes, just trace the correct wires and split into 2 pairs. But make sure you are able to attach the speaker to the main frame firmly. Plan before doing any specific cuts.

cybersix said...

Hi again admin,
I manage to split the 4pin into 2 pin each.

Now, part for removing internal speaker.

Do I have to follow "Dissembling Acer 4530" one by one? I mean i need to remove Keyboard, HDD, LCD first before I can remove internal speaker?

I just need to pop front panel, unscrew internal speaker part, replace it, done.

Need ur assistant.

Admin said...

I have attached the service guide in the BIOS Download link.
Just take a look.
It should be removable after you dissembled the top panel (There are screws underneath).

muhd deedat said...
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