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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Acer Phoenix BIOS Emergency Recovery

This is for people who don't listen and interrupt the flashing BIOS for unknown reasons.

This will work provided the BIOS BootBlock isn't screwed up while your Main BIOS Image is gone so remember when flashing DO NOT FLASH the bootblock.

The bootblock is to initialize emergency BIOS recovery for some reason the BIOS screwed up.

Download the CrisDisk here.

Do the following on a spare working computer to prepare the BIOS Recovery Drive:
Rename a working copy of the BIOS to bios.wph.

UnZip & Extract CrisDisk to a folder called CrisDisk.

Copy and Paste the bios.wph inside the folder
(Remember to replace the sample bios.wph in the folder with your working BIOS!).

Plug a USB Floppy Disk with a Floppy Disk inside.

You can try using a Thumbdrive but the chances of working with a Floppy Disk is higher.

Right Click and run and WinCris.exe with Admin Permission.

It will format the floppy, copy the MiniDOS files inside with the bios.wph to create a emergency BIOS Recovery Disk.
I have tried this with Aspire 4530.

Do the following on the Computer which BIOS you need to recover:

Plug in the prepared USB Floppy Drive to the machine you need to recover the BIOS from on the left USB port which is the motherboard main USB (There are 2 such ports on the same side).

Remove battery and AC Adapter.

Press and hold Fn+Esc then plug the AC Adapter in while holding Fn+Esc.

Press the Power Button Once and release while holding Fn+Esc.

You should see the lights flashing meaning the laptop is in BIOS Recovery Mode.

The USB Floppy drive should be lighted up and you should hear the floppy drive reading after that you can release Fn+Esc.

After a while you should see either it power off itself or the laptop lights stop flashing.

Remove the AC Adapter, USB Floppy Drive.

Plug back the AC Adapter your laptop should be working again.

Insyde BIOS recovery is different.
1)EFI doesn't need a bootable thumbdrive because EFI uses GUID Partition Tables just a normal partition will be ok (I think).
2)You need to rename the EFI to the correct name so recovery bootblock will identify the correct firmware.


Anonymous said...

thank , i really need this.,
is it work on aspire 4715z???

RealZeratul said...

Hi there, thanks for your site!

My notebook (Aspire 5024WMLi) froze a few hours ago while I was working normally. After powering it down and up again it will only spin the HD and DVD drives for a second, it won't boot and the screen stays black.

I followed your instructions (with the newest BIOS from acer.com and an USB stick), but the notebook only starts to send the VGA error beep code (1 long 2 short) for hours. The USB stick powers up correctly. Any advices?

Admin said...

It is not always the BIOS error, mayeb the VGA has fried.
Have you tried reset the BIOS?
Try press hold power button with no power supply for 30seconds?

RealZeratul said...

Thanks, I tried, but it didn't help. I wonder why the BIOS doesn't give beep codes. It only does so when trying to do the emergency flashing procedure, or when e.g. starting up without RAM (2-3-1).

Admin said...

BIOS recovery is for people who did a failed BIOS flashing procedure, if your computer sudden;y doesn't boot it is hardware failure.

RealZeratul said...

Yeah, but it was worth a try. Seems to be time for a new one after 4.5 years.
Again thanks for your time, bye! ^^

Admin said...

You can also try baking the motherboard to melt the solder and reconnect the broken circuits.
Google internet for solder reflow.

refurbished computers said...

I have tried this with Aspire 4530.

ayman said...

it works for aspire 5520G
thank you very much, it was very helpfull
but iwnt to till you that when i did it first time it didnt work cuze unpluging the power after the the bios update finosh (flopy sound off)
but in the second trial i did leave it for a while and after about 30 secound (maybe more) the laptop restart and work with no error

thank you very much

Lobinho said...

does not work on ao751h acer one

Admin said...


Anonymous said...

I have an Aspire 4530. I tried flashing the 1.3336 version, but the WinPlash application stopped responding midway. Before I followed your steps my laptop would exhibit symptoms similar to the 1.3335 bug; however, now it freezes after the initial acer screen. Do you know what could be causing this? Thank you for your help.

kilopapa said...

Hi Admin,
I was looking for your 4530 1.334 SLIC 2.1 with voltage tweaks but it seems the link is down.
Is that still available?

Wahyu Prasetya Utomo & Ubuntu Linux said...

does anybody know how it work on aspire 4715z?

Admin said...

I don't know what BIOS 4715Z comes with. If it is Phoenix refer to the post. If it is Insyde BIOS you need to get the magic filename (XXXx64.fd) the laptop will recognise. Then put inside the FAT formatted thumbdrive Fn+Esc + Power Button. The Laptop will try to read the thumbdrive and flash from the file.

Ariel said...

Hi, i've followed your instructions on a Aspire 4535 (NOT the 4535G), but the lights don't flash. Do you know what could be the problem here?
I'm trying this because the laptop started to fail: it took a while (sometines nothing, sometimes like 15 min) until it started after i powered it up, so i tried to update the bios, but the flashing software didn't finished because the computer stoped responding while programming sector 12 of 18 on a countdown.

Admin said...

If make a Crisis Disk from thumbdrive doesn't work you may need a USB Floppy.
From my experience Crisis definitely work from a USB Floppy Drive.
Anyway your original diagnosis was most likely wrong. Your 15min startup time was more likely due to too much software installed on boot, or malware or Harddisk failure but definitely not BIOS fault.

Admin said...

Also if your bootblock is corrupted then you will need a Flash Programmer or expert service to desolder the chip to reprogram it which the difficulty level is far too great.

Ariel said...

Ok, i'll try to get a USB Floppy and try again.
As for the problem i had, the "boot" time that i mentioned was between the moment i pressed the power button, and the POST started. Battery and status lights where on, Optical drive checks for disc, HDD starts spinning, and even the cooler fan is on (not at full load), but the BIOS starting screen, where it says to press F2 to enter bios and etc, didn't showed up until like 5 to 15 min after powering up. Once the "Acer" screen was on, it worked perfectly.

Ariel said...

Just to be shure, is there some kind of sign that the bios is beeing updated? (when using a usb flashdrive). Like, some light flashing, or anything. That'd be helpful.

By the way, tanks a lot for the info!! I hope i can bring my computer back to life without desoldering the bios :s

Ariel said...

Sorry, it's me again :p
I tried this metod a few more times (yes, i know that einstein said that the deffinition of crazy is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results, but...). I noticed that when i pulg in the AC adapter (battery removed) while holding Fn + Esc, the power button flashes once, and if i turn it on, the touchpad on/off key light is off, and doesn't respond, and the PC doesn't turn off if i hold the pwr button. Also, the power button only flashes once when I plug in the AC adapter (while holding Fn + Esc), but when i turn it on, it doesn't flashes anymore, so i don't really know if it's working. I tried leaving it for like half an hour, but nothing happens.
On the other hand, if i turn it on the usual way, i can turn on/off the touchpad, and i can turn the PC off by holding down the pwr button.
Both ways, the optical drive, HDD and fan turn on (fan slowly, never on full speed).
I'm sorry if i flood the post with too many comments, it's just that i try to give as much info as i can, to see if you spot something i may be doing wrong or something.
Oh, and one last thing: the USB flashdrive i'm using is a generic one, does this may have something to do with it? I don't thinck so, but... any information could help bring my PC back to life ^^

Admin said...

1)Use Crisis Disk Software to create a Crisis Disk on USB

2)Plug in the prepared USB Floppy Drive to the machine you need to recover the BIOS from on the left USB port which is the motherboard main USB (There are 2 such ports on the same side).

3)Remove battery and AC Adapter.

4)Press and hold Fn+Esc then plug the AC Adapter in while holding Fn+Esc.

5)Press and hold the Power Button while holding Fn+Esc.

6)You should see the lights flashing meaning the laptop is in BIOS Recovery Mode.

7)The USB Floppy drive should be lighted up and you should hear the floppy drive Motor reading after that you can release Fn+Esc.

8)After a while you should see either it power off itself or the laptop lights stop flashing.

Ariel said...

Hi again, i just wanted to tell you. I've just borrowed a USB Floppy drive (and i'm not liying) half an hour ago. I followed the steps you mentioned and it worked perfectly!! Mi notebook (Acer 4535) is up and running again thanks to you!!! I cannot express how much thankful I am right now.
At first i was a bit dissapointed because the computer lights didn't flashed, but when the floppy drive started to work i almost jump out of my chair ^^. I guess that with a thumbdrive could've worked, i don't know, because i never saw any light working on it, but whit the USB Floppy drive it worked just fine, and i'm posting this from the computer.

Again, i cannot express how thankful i am, keep up the good work!!

See you!

Rudi Trianto said...

hello,, my acer aspire 4530 can,t boot and no POST, but indicator harddisk is on but only flicker 2 flick. your solution flash bios wit usb floppy drive, i thing that is not realable because your crisdisk bios.wph this size 2 Mb, but i know flopy disk only 1,44 mb,,,can help me about it...? how flash my acer 4530

Admin said...

The WPH BIOS File is 1MB.
Where do you get the idea it is 2MB?

roditriantomi said...

thank for yours answer, i am get bios.wph include 1 part in your crisdisk, that crisdisk.zip ,,sorry my floppy disk is realy not enough. please chek againts for your packed in the crisdisk.

primo levi said...

I'm testing with a floppy drive us, but it takes power from the USB port and am not sure that the port is sending the voltages to power the drive. must have external power?
ariel also as I have an acer 4535, when I press fn + esc the fan rotates at full speed, but never run the drive and when I turn off the laptop fan stops but will not turn off the power light.
can not be happening.
sorry with my english

philinit69 said...

Hi i'm trying to do this with an aspire 7735 Fn+Esc work and I can see the floppy drive working but nothing happened at the end of think it was the wrong bios but when I go to the acer web site can only find bios that RE 2MB

unknown said...

my aspire 4530 can't boot .
i don't understand " Rename a working copy of the BIOS to bios.wph "
working copy of the BIOS ? i have tried this . but it won't boot it at all .
sorry my english

Admin said...

It means rename the Original Working BIOS file to bios.wph.

JR said...

Hii admin,
I have acer aspire 4530. When I turn it on the screen remain black. Unfortunately I couldn't get a USB floppy drive. Can I follow the same procedure with an USB pendrive.
Thank you.

Admin said...

Well I have tried Pen Drive before but it didn't work, probably the boot block doesn't like it.

MAK said...

I have Acer Aspire 5535. I need to flash its bios. but the problem is bios.wph size is 2mb!!!! and floppy size is 1.44 mb!!!!!!!

Admin said...

Most likely it doesn't use the old style BIOS, it should be using UEFI Firmware recovery using other methods

Ulrik said...

I can confirm that it works on an Aspire 7520g. I used a USB pen, connected to right USB port. Failed when connected to left USB port.

Jay said...

Whenever I run crisdisk.exe as admin, it fails to copy bios.wph. I have tried several versions of the bios to no avail. I am attempting this for a TravelMate 4070 that I bricked by loading BIOS from the Acer Europe website site. Evidently the European models have different BIOS. Nice!

Nishant Verma said...

It Worked like a Charm .......... ',) Taenku :D

victor acevedo said...

Hey i am from colombia and the english ?¿¿?:(... A question, after use the crysdisk ,, what files there are in the usb before plug it in the pc.

mark453 said...

Hi Admin,
Acer travelmate 5530 problem. I have tried to create a cris disk following the insturctions here to the letter. When i right click and run and WinCris.exe with Admin Permission is tells me there is not removable drive? I have tried putting the USB drive in every slot butjust keep getting the same error! Any ideas please?

Santiago Sang├╝esa Vicente said...

Thank you so much for this.
My Travelmate 4021 is back online. Had to use and old usb floppy device to create the disk, and It worked.
Thanks again.