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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Acer Aspire 4530 Drivers

Windows 7 works perfectly on Acer Aspire 4530.
There are no compatibility issues.

Acer Aspire 4530 BIOS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Those who want Windows 7 OEM activated on Acer Aspire 4530 laptops go here
You will find the SLIC 2.1 BIOS Files there just flash using the flashing utilities provided by Acer and activate.

There are 3 Version 1.3333, 1.3334 and 1.3334 with some updated modules from 1.3336
(Because there is a booting issue with 1.3336 BIOS)
The ones with New VGA BIOS is modified with a updated VGA BIOS Module taken from a Emachine Laptop also equipped with Nvidia 9100M G Graphics. So take your Pick.
My personal recommendation is Z05_3334 with new VGA BIOS Module.


Acer Aspire 4530 Application Launch Manager ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Launch Manager (For Windows 7)
Custom ShortCut button tweak continued to work.


Nvidia Chipset Driver(Motherboard Driver)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Download & Install Chipset Driver (from Nvidia) to remove the no coprocessor message.
Nvidia Chipset 64bit 
Nvidia Chipset 32bit


Graphics Adapter Driver (Display Driver)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Download and install the latest Nvidia Verde Drivers.


Realtek Card Reader Driver (Card Reader Driver)----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please note Acer failed to include the Latest Realtek USB Card Driver in their download page.
Please download it here.


Realtek Audio Driver (Sound Driver)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You can download it from here or from Realtek Website


Synaptics Touchpad Driver ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Download the driver from HP it will enable Multitouch (2 Finger Scroll, 3 Finger Press etc)


WebCam Software -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SuYin or Bison (If you have webcam issues this might help)


The new Windows Experience Index for Acer Aspire 4530 (Remember to update DirectX otherwise the score will be 3.9)
If you used 64bit Windows 7 the score will be even higher...Below was done using 32bit Windows 7.

Gaming Temperatures on Windows 7 in Acer Aspire 4530

Remember to set Restore Point after you finish setting up all the software:
Go to Control Panel >> System >> Advance System Settings >> System Protection >>
Create Restore Point
Any issues regarding Windows 7 and Aspire 4530 post below.

Full Optimization for Aspire 4530 here
Realtek Driver Mod


Anonymous said...

Vista SP2 Compatibility Mode how to set its

Anonymous said...

i have problem to install nvidia VGA driver for geForce 9100m g

Weinter said...

To set compatibility Mode, Right Click the executable and choose properties then Compatibility Mode tab.
You shouldn't have any problems, simply go to laptopvideo2go.com, download the NVIDIA Forceware 186.82 for Win7 either 32bit or 64bit then install.

angel_01 said...

My Acer 4530 has only the following experience rating:

Processor: 4.9
Memory (RAM): 5.6
Graphics: 3.9 ---> Yours is 4.1.
Gaming Graphics: 4.9
Primary Hard Disk: 5.4

My Graphics component is lower than it should be. I installed NVIDIA Forceware 186.82 though. :(

Here are my Aspire 4530 system specs:
- 2.2 GHz Turion Ultra 2MB L2 cache
- 4 GB mem
- Windows 7 Professional x64.

Also, I tried the following before running the performance test:

- installing all drivers (no unknown device in device manager)
- defragmenting the hard disk
- disabling my antivirus
- stopping unnecessary services
- set power config to 'high performance'

I hope you can help me correct my performance rating.

Weinter said...

Did you forgot to update DX Runtime?

Weinter said...

Alternatively go to
Delete everything inside.
Then change to classic view mode.
Change Nvidia Control Panel setting to performance and rerun WinSAT

angel_01 said...

Win 7 performance rating fixed to 4.0.
- Processor: 4.9
- RAM: 5.6
- Graphics: 4.0
- Gaming: 5.0
- Primary HD: 5.4

Nakio said...

Hi, I installed on Acer ASPIRE 4530Windows 7 and it doesn't recognized the Lan ethernet (the lan ethernet doesn't appears in the device manager, not even as an unknown device), so i fomarted my hard disk and installed the Windows Vista again, the lan ethernet is still not recognized.
The same thing happens with the internal bluetooth adapter, web cam and microphone.
Previously installing the Windows 7 everything worked correctly on Windows Vista.
I downloaded and installed all drivers from the Acer Web Site and it didn't solve the problem.

Weinter said...

You must install the chipset driver first.

Weinter said...

Most updated Chipset driver can be downloaded from Nvidia site since Aspire 4530 uses a Nvidia Chipset.

Nakio said...

Thanks Weinter
I tried to do it in this way. Uninstalling all the drivers and installing the driver of chipset first thw wich I downloaded from the following Link: http://www.nvidia.es/object/notebook_winvista_win7_186.81_whql_es.html

But continuous with the same problem. You think that initiating a new installation of Windows and installing de chipset driver first it will be solved?

Weinter said...

To download chipset driver
Select the latest.

Weinter said...

I told you to download from Guru3d because the latest nForce drivers in Nvidia Official Sites were not offering the latest version.

Nakio said...

Sorry to insist. But I realised all the steps. I even reinstall Windos 7. I continue with the same problem. What can be happening?

Weinter said...

Is the copy of your Windows 7 Genuine Ultimate?
Match the MD-5 Checksum of the Windows 7 iso.
During my installation Wifi and Lan are automatically detected and installed.
Bluetooth had to be manually activated via the button and installed.

Nakio said...

The copy is not genuine, but I have a genuine Windows Vista and it still happens.
How can it match the MD-5 Checksum of the Windows 7 iso?
Right now I have installed the genuine Windows Vista and I can't see the lan, the bluetooth or the web cam on the device manager, not even as unknown device.

Nakio said...

Do you think this could be happening because the BIOS setup is not in the correct mode. It has to be IDE or AHCI?

Weinter said...

The drive mode has to be in AHCI.
Genuine Windows 7 means the MD-5 Checksum of the Windows 7 iso you downloaded matched the checksum released by Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

can my aspire 4530 running windows 7
here is my specification :

AMD Turion X2 2.0Ghz 1Mb L2 cache
Nvidia Geforce 9100MG

Anonymous said...

Good Day, may I ask if Aspire 4530 is capable of handling DDR3 type of RAM memory modules? Because im planning to upgrade it sometime this December.

Admin said...

Nope I suggest you to instead save up your money and flash your RAM SPD as shown in one of my blog article.
To date no AMD Mobile Processor is DDR3 Capable even the new Caspians.

rikamimekushi said...

hi...can i ask some question.1st can i install w7 ultimate x64 on m acer aspire 4530??2nd should i change bios ide to achi.bcause i currently use ide mode for my win xp and alot of my file in the hdd.will all the file gone if me change to achi when installing w7???here is my aspire 4530 spec:
amd turion x2 rm-70
4gb of ram
nvidia 9100m g

Admin said...

Backup your Data, reformat put to AHCI then restore your data.

Admin said...

Sorry, it should be set to AHCI then reformat.

rikamimekushi said...

is this laptop can use 800mhz or more higher instead of 667mhz of ram?

Admin said...

The motherboard limits the FSB at 667 however the RAM Timings on 800MHZ RAM is tighter than the RAM Timings on 667MHZ RAM.

zsidentity said...

hello.. wish you could help me here..
i was unable to installing windows 7 on my acer aspire 4530..
when it try to expanding windows file..
around 10 second after that it was showing this error..
i dont know what to do.. been googling all around..
btw , my win 7 dvd was m.windows 7 win 64 final rtm ultimate edition.
thankyou.. ur reply was so appreciates..

Sylar said...

I have problem with blue screen since installed 7 Ultimate..i dont know why..please help me..

Admin said...

We can't help you if you don't post any useful information.
What was the screen error?

Sylar said...

It happen too fast and i even can read the blue screen. then, a windows error recovery come out. it says windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. For your information, my Windows 7 was upgraded from Vista Home Premium. I've downloaded & installed latest driver for Windows 7 from Acer website. Sometimes the blue screen come out & sometimes not. I dont know what to do since i'm not IT person..please help me..

Admin said...

Try to enter safe mode and schedule a chkdsk.
Did you install the drivers properly?
To install new drivers you have to uninstall the old ones first.
You can also try to boot from the Operating System CD and run fixboot and fixmbr.

kaem said...

Sylar, i also have the same problem... try using the recommended nforce driver (15.45,15.44,15.46) i really dont remember which of these version i used..

hope this works to you as well

kaem said...

BTW, the error is caused by the harddisk driver...

Anonymous said...

hello people, i have a minor problem here with my aspire 4530.

i have recently added 2gb's worth of RAM for a total of 4gb. when i run dxdiag and look it up at the boot screen it reads 4096mb.

however, the desktop gadget and tune up utilities only recognize only 2814mb of RAM instead of 4096mb.

im like wtf? im not able to fully utilize the whole 4gb?!

does anyone know how to fix this? it will be much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

oh, and im running windows7 ultimate 32bit and processor's AMD turion x2 RM-70 if that also helps :)

Admin said...

Yep you already answered your own question.
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.
You need 64bit to get more OS address space to map the system memory.
If you activated Windows 7 by the methods I mentioned, simply reformat and reinstall Windows 7 bit Ultimate, and repeat the activation steps again.
The certs and key are the same.

Anonymous said...

i see, thanks for the quick response :)

cheap computers said...

I've downloaded & installed latest driver for Windows 7 from Acer website. Sometimes the blue screen come out & sometimes not. I dont know what to do since i'm not IT person.

Admin said...

What is the error msg?

Anonymous said...

been using w7 ultimate 32bit for quite a while now. everything is going great until my cdrom doesn't want to burn disks anymore and produces weird sounds whenever i insert a blank disk in it.. i don't have problems reading disks though, it works perfectly in reading movies, audio, documents.

please help. thanks.

jel said...

been using w7 ultimate 32bit for quite a while now. everything is going great until my cdrom doesn't want to burn disks anymore and produces weird sounds whenever i insert a blank disk in it.. i don't have problems reading disks though, it works perfectly in reading movies, audio, documents.

please help. thanks.

Admin said...

If the optical drive got damaged nothing you can do except replace it.
Find the Part Number of the Drive and buy it off ebay to replace it.

Anonymous said...

hello! i have installed win7 ultimate 64bit but i have problem with my VGA..i can not find a vga driver that compatible with win7 64bit acer 4530
please help me!!!

Admin said...

Use the Nvidia released driver 195.62 @ nvidia driver download site.

Zhie said...

help my acer 4530,,

i have installed windows 7 in my acer 4530,, everything is ok,,
but if i open "nvidia control panel" and goto tab "adjust image settings with preview" , it's always black screen n goto normal again then black screen n goto normal again...
then in the windows tray appear message

"display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver, version 195.62 stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

someone help me please...

here is Win 7 performance rating fixed to 3,4
- Processor: 4.0
- RAM: 5.4
- Graphics: 3.4
- Gaming: 4.7
- Primary HD: 5.4

i always defrag my hardsik and disabling antivirus and everything..

i also update driver vga from nvidia's site...

the driver is 195.62

here is spec of my acer 4530

- 2 GHz Turion Ultra 2MB L2 cache
- 2.5 GB mem
- Windows 7 Ultimate x86.

Admin said...

Uninstall all Nvidia Drivers.
Run CCleaner Registry Cleaning.
Reinstall Nvidia Driver.

Admin said...

Remember to restart after each uninstall.

Zhie said...

i have uninstalled all nvidia drivers, restaring, cleaning registry and clean every thing that can be clean by ccleaner. and then install newest driver from nvidia's site.. then restarting again.. but the condition still same..

i dont know why,, before i installed windows 7 x86, i have installed windows 7 x64, and have the same problem again,,

what the driver that i download wrong?but i come to nvidia's site and let the system in the nvidia's site scanning my driver and give the newest driver for me. and i have download it..it's very imposible that i have wrong downloaded..

what driver that you use??
may be you can recomended to me,,
give me that link...

or maybe you have any sollution??

im sory my english is very bad..

Admin said...

Does the problem only happen in Control Panel?
Did it happen when you run any 3D Program?
Can you run Furmark Stability(Google, Download and Install) test without crashing?
Anything useful you can find in event viewer?

Zhie said...

the problem only happen when i choose nvidia control panel,, but in the another 3D program like left4 dead 3D games it's worked...
this game get some lag,different if i run it in windows xp..

i played winamp, watch movie, browsing, or many more except nvidia control panel..

im newbe in the windows 7, i open dxdiag and search test direct 3D directDraw, but i can't find them in the dxdiag..

when windows start up, appear message in the system tray. they say driver blocked bla bla bla...

what driver should i use?

Admin said...

How did you install your Windows 7?

zhie said...

whAt do you mean?

i installed windows 7 with usb flash disk,,but only driver that can't working properly,,

Admin said...

Rather how did you activate Windows 7?

Zhie said...

i haven't activate windows 7, but i have the cracked programs, in the windows 7 64bit, i have cracked but it's same trouble with driver, so i change to 32bit..

emph, what is the efect if we have not activate windows??

i think it's oc if we have not activated....

Zhie said...

please give me the link to download the driver that you use...

may be if i use the same driver with you, it can be solve the problem

Admin said...

Another user with cracks.
Please Use the modded BIOS I made.
It activates Windows 7 without any cracks.
Go to my Aspire 4530 Latest Modded BIOS page.
The crack interfere with Driver loading hence the issue.

Zhie said...

where i can get the "Modded BIOS" ?
give me the link...

Zhie said...

did you mean "Modified Aspire 4530 Optimized BIOS" ????

Anonymous said...

anyone playing game with this notebook??

when i play countersrike source (low setting) on windows 7, i got lag very bad, n thats not gonna happen when i played on windows xp with high setting.

can someone help???

Zhie said...

i playing game in this notebook with windows7 operating system,, it's oc there is some lag in here different if we use in the windows xp but not too lag like you..

do you play CS with LAN or not?if you play with LAN, try to play with BOT..
may be your LAN's trouble

or try to download the newest driver from NVIDIA's site

Admin said...

Use my Windows 7 Modded BIOS.
I included some DSDT fixes and undervolted the GPU as well.

Anonymous said...

but i already use a newer bios version 1.3336...

that is okay to downgrade bios???

Admin said...

Of Course in order to test the new 1.3336 I had to flash it too and now I am using my modded final 1.3334 so do you think it is possible.
Anyway I flashed using phlash16 DOS Mode.
Download the activator and follow accordingly.

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur advice..

now im using modded bios, and the result is better than before...
playing 3d game like "LOST PLANET" its better right now, FPS more playable than before

And for the cssource, still have a problem with laggy thing, but when i set affinity to one processor the game is running very smooth until 10 minutes, and laG....aggghh T_T

Anonymous said...

sorry, i want to ask..if i install windows 7 in 4530 it has to be ide or ahci?? now i use ide,should i change to ahci??

Admin said...

Acer Aspire 4530 will work with AHCI out of box but for better performance install Nvidia Storage Drivers

Admin said...

To boost gaming performance increase fan speed while gaming.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but i didn't understand..i just installed windows 7 in ide mode..should i reinstall to ahci??

Admin said...

Just set to AHCI it should be able to boot no issues.

cj1490 said...


I'm also an owner of an Acer Aspire 4530

I was wondering why my windows experience index is only 3.7 while yours is 4.1

the 3.7 rating was obtained from the Graphics part as well...

I followed your advices on the other users who commented above.. so far nothing worked.. also I am confused about your modded BIOS

I'm using a Licensed copy of Win7 Pro 32 bit

do I still need your modded BIOS?

Which should I download if I do need it? Thank you..

I'm also having trouble with my built-in webcam.. it's not functioning anymore... I don't get my bluetooth as well.. sigh

Thanks in advance

Admin said...

My Modded BIOS besides having SLIC2.1 also has undervolted GPU and corrected DSDT.
Up to you if you want to use it.
Check the Changelog to decide which version you like best.
As for webcam the solution is install the Bison drivers instead of SuYin and check make sure the connectors are secured.

cj1490 said...

oh... okay I'll try the bison drivers instead...

but I'm getting annoyed though..

whenever I uninstall the drivers, windows 7 just downloads the drivers from somewhere and installs it without my consent.. I can't uninstall the drivers then restart then install them myself...

How do I do this?

Well if I already have a licensed win7 is it OK to still use your modded BIOS? could you link to me which BIOS should I download there?

there are a lot of versions posted there.. I'm just nervous xD

thanks for replying :D

P.S. - I'm still not that good of a programmer to understand your changelog fully, but i'm getting there.

Admin said...

Did you uninstall it using the Device Manager or Add/Remove Program?
The correct way to uninstall the WebCam Driver is by the add/remove Program in Windows Control Panel.
Yes you can still use my Modfified BIOS but leave out the activation function by not using it.
Difference between Version 3333 to 3334 is shown in the changelog. It is regarding a USB issue that I don't experience.
As for Version 3336 it is not documented by Acer nevertheless there are some users who want it, but I hated the unplug AC,battery shutdown restart issue so I manually transferred the 3336 modules to 3334 that doesn't cause the issue and called it 3334_6 BIOS.

Anonymous said...

i've use acer aspire 4530 for 2 years..at first, there'r no problem on the crystal eye webcam..but now, i can't use that webcam..whenever i click on the webcam, this word appear "no camera found'. i'm confuse about it. can u explain to me why i having this problem?

Admin said...

It is a known issue solution in this blog as well.
Please do the searches first.

Anonymous said...

In Windows 7 RC and the previous beta, I have been receiving an error message saying "Consider replacing your battery" "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly". and i just can use the battery for 5 minutes only..can u help me?

Admin said...

Buy a new Battery from Ebay using your laptop model as a search query or you laptop battery model.

Open Your Mind said...

Thanks a lot Weinter, your blog is really useful, I haven't migrate to win7 yet, but will use this as a good reference :D

Anonymous said...

How to increse fan speed??
dunno where to set it??

Anonymous said...

i have a problem for 4530 windows 7 ultimate 32bit....

i have no problem playing video and music...
but i got a lot of nonsensical amount of lag when playing games like counterstrike condition zero...i set the graphic and resolution to lowest setting but it still lag like a crazy....

my spec for my laptop is:

- AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core Processor QL-60
- NVIDIA nForce MCP77MH, Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G graphics

please help solve my problem.....please.....

my spec of my laptop is

Admin said...

It is most likely a Thermal Issue when Temperature of the components exceed threshold ACPI initiate component throttling and slow down.
Google & Download HWMonitor to double check.
Also check undervolting AMD Processor and try the undervolted VGA BIOS all on this site.

Anonymous said...

sorry my false information,my processor is as below,not athlon:

- AMD Turion X2 dual-core mobile technology RM-70 (1 MB L2 cache, 2 GHz, DDR2 800 MHz), supporting AMD HyperTransport 3.0 technology

it seem that the temperature exceed threshold when i check using hdmonitor....

so,is there a way to decrease other than undervolting processor and gc....?i am noob about this because of risking unstable.....

Desmond said...


I'm using an Acer Aspire 4530 with the following specs:
1. AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 2.00Ghz
2. Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)

Recently I'm having problems with my laptop during start-up. It will keep on on and off by itself a few times before Windows starts booting up. At first i thought it was a problem with the power adapter, so i brought a new one. However, the problem still happens.

At a computer shop, the guy working there told me that Acer Aspire is unable to cope with Windows 7 and asked me to downgrade ASAP before it burns my motherboard.

Is all of this true? Otherwise, what is the problem that i am having now?

Thanks alot!

Admin said...

It is quite obvious that person is lying isn't it?
But there could be a problem with the hardware.
1)Check ambient temperature using HWMonitor.
2)Does it occur with other OSes like Windows Vista or XP or any GNU\Linux?
3)Check RAM and Harddisk (ie replace or remove the RAM and try again. Replace the harddisk and try again)
It is tedious but this is part of troubleshooting/diagnostic.

Desmond said...

well, he was sure one good sales man as he managed to rebut all my questions thrown at him.. he must have a well prepared script..

anyways, back to my problem..
1. i have done the HWMonitor the readings are as follow...

THRM = 56C (132F)

AMD Turion X2 RM-70
Core#0 = 56C (131F)
Core#1 = 56C (131F)
Power = 4.80W

NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G
GPU Core = 68C (154F)

ST916082 7AS
Assembly = 42C (107F)
Airflow = 42C (107F)

*note: I wasnt using a battery and only had Google Chrome running while running HWMonitor

2. When I bought this laptop in Aug 2008, it had Windows Vista Basic preinstalled in it. After being infected by the Koobface virus in October 2009, i reformatted my laptop and installed Windows 7 through my friend. From the time it was running Vista till Win 7, i have not encounted such problems until roughly 2 months ago. I have only sent this laptop for repair once in November 2008 to fix the webcam.

3. I have not tried this as I am not that experience with computer hardware. any guide which i can refer to?

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, hope to find a solution soon before my laptop dies out.. =(

p/s: the sales man works in a shop Komputown Sales & Service in Berjaya IT Centre.

Admin said...

I actually had already modified the Acer Aspire 4530 to accept SLIC 2.1 meaning it can OEM activate Windows 7 if you happen to be using my BIOS.
If you want the BIOS just go to quick links grab the BIOS then flash, grab a clean Windows 7 CD install and activate following instruction here

I am not sure what is the issue if it abruptly power off there could be an issue with the mainboard. If it is a Windows Error display then it is just a Windows installation error.

Desmond said...

is it the salesman true then that windows 7 had fried my motherboard? there is no windows error display, so i am sure that there is nothing wrong with the installation.

i do not think i need to reactivate my windows since it is already activated. i also do not understand about the bios part, and the link that you gave it not working anymore..

hope that you can help =)

Admin said...

Try hard resetting the laptop press and hold power button with no power connected for 1 min.
Try removing 1pc RAM then boot up.
Try removing the harddisk check for the no operating system found.
If worse come to worse you can use a heat gun to reheat the board.

Admin said...

If you already have genuine Windows then you probably don't need the modified BIOS.

princeorion said...

Hi there thanks for your blog, I'll use this as guide in installing windows 7 ultimate 32-bit in my aspire 4530,
btw, i would like to know

1. if i can turn on automatic windows update after your modded BIOS activates my windows 7?

2. what do to first? a) have a clean windows 7 install and flash the BIOS? or b) flash BIOS and install windows 7? currently i have vista ultimate 32 bit.

3. how does your way of activating windows differ from using windows loader? there are many windows loaders out there that can OEM in just few clicks.

your help will be much appreciated pal..thank you.hope you can help a noob like me.:-)...ngoy

Admin said...

1)Yes Totally
2)Preferably Flash BIOS before Installing Win7 even if you do it the other way around it wouldn't hurt because the SLIC Code to activate Windows 7 is in the BIOS. And Windows 7 will read and activate using that Code with the correct keys and OEM Certificate.
3)Loader is a software hack meaning it is detectable and can be disable. As you know Laptops sold in shops uses SLIC Code as well so if Microsoft ever decides to block the OEM Keys or Code all the real retails computers will be affected hence they will not do that.

princeorion said...

tnx man..you and your blog were both great..

but because im inexperienced, im stil afraid of having a bad flash. can u gave me the correct procedure in flashing your modded bios? the link you gave above is already broken. do i need to flash bios using bootable memory stick? reformat? removing OS & etc.? sorry i can't figure out the correct steps.

and, is there additional steps to be done after installing windows 7 to make it activated?

tnx pal, sorry im not an IT person, im just an ordinary kid owning a laptop. ;-(

Admin said...

First Download the SLIC 2.1 BIOS
You can choose to flash using Windows, Go to Acer Website download the Windows Flasher and replace the BIOS file with the SLIC2.1 BIOS.
Or download this package to create a bootable DOS Thumbdrive to flash from DOS again get the DOS Phlash flashing utility from Acer Support site.
Then download a clean verified Windows 7 installation iso or borrow a Windows 7 installation disc to install the Windows 7 version you wanted.
Then activate the Windows 7 using this <a href="http://aspiregemstone.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-upgrade-win7-from-32bit-to-64bit.html>guide</a>.
If you have a IT competent fried pass this info for him/her to guide you.

princeorion said...

Tnx pal, here's what I did:

1. clean intalled windows 7 ultimate 32 bit (30 days trial)
2. flash your modded Z05_3334_NEW_VGA_BIOS using WinPhlash from acer web, I rename your bios Z05_3334.WPH
3. activate using your link, and in my first attempt of entering command "slmgr.....XRM-MS" i got this error

On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run 'slui.exe 0x2a0xBBA' to display the error text.
Error: 0xBBA

..but i still continue and activate using OEM keys you provide and says "key installed successfully", and now my windows changed from 30days to 'activated'...smiled but doubtful because of the error msg. ;-)

4. Now, im worrying at my Windows Exp. Index which is only "3.4", previous with my vista ultimate 32bit i got "4.0" after setting Nvidia setting to performance. CS source won't lag in my vista, i dont know now with my win7

Here's my WEI now.

Processor: 4.8
Ram: 5.5
Graphics: 3.4
Gaming Graphics: 4.9
Prim HD: 5.2

My specs:

Turion dual 2.10Ghz
RAM 3.0 GB (2.75usable)
OS: Win7 32bit

Here's the stuff a already installed before rating:

1. Realtek_R255-[Guru3D.com] (sound)
2. Realtek_XPVistaWin7_WHQL_6.1.7600.30126 (Card Reader?)
3. 15.45-Win7Vista-[Guru3D.com] (Nvidia driver for SMU, PCI, SMU bus)
4. 15.53_nforce_win7_32bit_international_whql (Nvidia storage)
5. 260.99_notebook_winvista_win7_32bit_international_whql (Nvidia display)
6. Bluetooth_Broadcom_6.2.0.9600_W7x64W7x86_A
7. Camera_Bison_v.
8. LaunchManager_Dritek_3.0.04_W7x86W7x64_A (using Vista SP2 compatibility)
9. Modem_Conexant_7.80.4.55_W7x64W7x86_A
10. sp50625 touchpad
11. eDataSecurity_v3.0_3065 (using Vista SP1 compatibility)
12. ePower v3.0.3015_20080923_0948 (using Vista SP1 compatibility)
13. ETF_v3.0.3010_20080819_1430 (using Vista SP1 compatibility)

other prog installed

AVG 2011, Adobe CS 5, Skype, Tune up Utilities, magic jack, etc other small installs.

future installations:

Chessbase products, chess engines, CS source, WOW, other 3d games, ETD.

pls tell me whats lacking, and what step ive done wrong. thank you. your blog has helped me alot so far.

Admin said...

I think the activation part is fine.
Just run slmgr /? to see the options to check the Windows Activation Status if you are still not sure.

I think you should try the Realtek Audio Drivers from MSI I found that they sounded better.
For Chipset driver I think you should try the dell drivers I listed. I am not sure about using Desktop chipset driver for laptop chipset, it might end up getting hotter not power optimized etc.
As for the Acer eSoftware you can dump the whole thing...it is useless.

You might need to update DirectX then go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\Datastore delete all the xml and rerun Windows Peformance however I can say that Windows Peformance is not accurate and your laptop is as find as it is with all the right drivers.

princeorion said...

i updated DirectX, deleted xml and rerun but WEI remains 3.4...

now i'll dump all esoftwares and see if it improves performance

& about the dell chipset, i already downloaded it but i hesitated to install because its for Geforce 9400, mine is Geforce 9100M G.

btw, the driver i downloaded from Nvidia is for notebooks as what their site tell??

i'll comment soon pal if i sense changes in performance..i'll continue to install 3d games and try if it works fine. if its ok then i'll ignore what my windows performance Index is saying..

for nor..thank you for the responses.

princeorion said...

now, i have uninstall epower which i believe has a bad impact in my win7 performance, i didn't uninstall edatasecurity because of security reasons.
i played cs source, it runs just fine (except that its not full screen, same as with WOW)but a bit laggy compared before in my vista with the old versions of Nvidia drivers.

i have switched to high performance power plan. rerun windows performance and still its 3.4...:-)...this time im thinking about using other chipset..perhaps from dell..and figure out if graphics would improve..

thanks pal,.. hoping more tips from u soon..

Admin said...

The thing is 9400M G chipset(MCP 79) is closely related to 9100M G Chipset(MCP 77), and both are laptop/mobile chipset so it should id the board and install the relevant files.

I ever tried installing Intel chipset driver for Desktop in laptop which resulted in hotter system. I don't know if the same thing happens to Nvidia.

Anyway the first Graphics score of WSAT refers to 2D peformance (Desktop, Aero) the second refers to 3D performance (Gaming) so it should matter too much.

The less software you have the better performance.

You might also want to check out the undervolting guide for the Acer Laptop as well.

princeorion said...

tnx pal, now i have longer battery life, faster start up and better performance,,

now i'd like to ask if i need to disable my windows update? i think everytime my laptop isntall an update it reduces performance..

currently i have more than 60 updates from windows installed..

Admin said...

Windows Update is a must.
You just need to do disk clean up and runidletask(google).

princeorion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
princeorion said...

thank u 4 the advice pal..i enable windows updates but i choose which update to download and install..

ive also noticed that updates for Windows genuine advantage (WGA) and Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) were automatically unchecked...so installatioa of which is prevented..i dont know which one did that.

other than faster start-up i also noticed increase in wireless LAN, and faster internet connectivity..

now i can say win7 is an upgraded vista.

i guess its only the graphics that stay the same or declines a bit. 1 of my complain is that i cant play games in fullscreen like DOTA and CS source...

princeorion said...

Update: about the complaint that i cant play games in fullscreen.

the solution is just on the Nvidia settings..now its okay

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Found a solution for those that has missing / not detected Ethernet LAN adapters for Acer Aspire 4530.

1. Remove the battery
2. Unplug the laptop
3. Hold the power button for no less than 30 seconds.

This sounds really weird... but it work on mine... had my Ethernet / LAN missing for almost two years... was not able to use it... and all it took was holding the power button to fix it... credits goes to "computersplus"

Source: http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/60954-laptop-no-ethernet-card-detected-2.html

imamsuwardi.blogspot.com said...

My Acer 4530 has only the following experience rating:

Processor: 4.6 ---> Yours is 4.8.
Memory (RAM): 5.5
Graphics: 4.1
Gaming Graphics: 3.7 ---> Yours is 5.0.
Primary Hard Disk: 5.9

My Processor and gaming is lower than it should be. :(

Here are my Aspire 4530 system specs:
- 2.0 GHz X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70
- 4 GB mem
- Windows 7 Professional x86.

I hope you can help me correct my performance rating.

Admin said...

Try upgrading to Windows 7 64bit.
It will enable addressing of ALL the RAM. The guide to upgrading to 64bit can also be found here with the keys and SLIC.
Make sure DirectX is fully updated.
Lastly WEI is not a accurate gauge of performance, just a casual reference is fine don't get too serious over it.

imamsuwardi.blogspot.com said...

can you give me the driver acer aspire 4530 for windows 7 x64 please??
I was look and couldn't find a chipset driver x64 and especially my vga nvdia geforce 9100..

Admin said...

Just select Windows 7 64bit after you click on the links.
It is all there.

John Dashiell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Dashiell said...

I am having trouble with my nVidia chip. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I am using official nVidia drivers. I have reflashed the BIOS with the 1.3334 VGA BIOS. I have applied Arctic Silver thermal paste just in case.

I think it might be a problem in the BIOS or on the motherboard. If I unplug the computer for a long time and take out the laptop battery, it usually works. I read somewhere that that might clear out the BIOS memory or something like that.

What can I do to fix this problem? Do you think I need a new motherboard battery?

Thank you for your time!

Admin said...

Does it error or it doesn't boot?
Sometimes it might be due to RAM as well.
Ensure the gold contacts are cleaned.
CMOS Battery is actually responsible for time keeping only.

John Dashiell said...

It will boot. Right now I am using the computer. But only the standard VGA is being used. In the device manager, I get an error for 'NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G'. It says 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)'

My computer is running on Standard VGA right now and graphics load very slowly and quality is very poor. However, if I were to shutdown my computer, take out the battery and unplug it for a while, the NVIDIA would work and everything would be fine. Also, when I reflashed my BIOS, the NVIDIA worked fine when I rebooted (without taking out the battery) but only one time. Now I need to take the battery out again.

Maybe unplugging and taking out the battery isn't really doing anything. I'm not sure. Do you think the graphics chip is slowly dying? I will clean out my RAM just in case.

Thank you for your reply.

Admin said...

Code 43 seems to indicate device failure however you could get it to work a few times. I can't pin point the exact solution but I can suggest to reinstall Windows 7 with the latest driver (find it on my blog), flash the BIOS and clear to setup default.
If it still doesn't work it is probably failing.

van said...

hi! can u help me finding the Latest and accurate Installer for Geforce 9100m G? my performance rating in
Graphics: 1.0
Gaming: 1.0

help me pls. thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Hi, Last time I reformatted my acer due to virus and after the reformat, I can no longer play games like it used to before and my performance subscore is the same like the guy above, 1.0 for graphics and 1.0 for Gaming graphics. I need an explanation and solution to this problem. Hope you can give me a fix. Thanks :)

kewah_keweh said...

if you got score 1.0 in graphics, you must install VGA nvidia driver & download it from nvidia.com

PREM said...

Hi..i've read all of the above article n i hope ur the best guide for me...
I have Acer AS4530 n just recently faced a preoblem which are as follws...

1) Screen with Text "Cannont Find OS"
2) Overheating (causing the Laptop to shut down very frequently)
3) HDD-DVD/Rw cannot be detected.

This r the Problems tat i'm facing n even though i've given my laptop for repair in an Authorised Acer Service Station,They keep telling me tat the Problem is Detected to b NVIDIA CHIP...can u plz guide me wat else can i do??? ANYONE???
Thank you..

muhd deedat said...

admin plss reupload again for this section >>(Those who want Windows 7 OEM activated on Acer Aspire 4530 laptops go) the link dead already..

is it ok to use yours tools on this repack/rebulid os windows 7 xDark v4xx RG Deluxe x86/x64 sp1(activated).

i have problem(lag) with playing 2d/3d game warcraft3 dota etc...using win xp and vista no problem with game.. smooth..
im owner this laptop..using win7 x86..soon i want to upgrade to x64 for max out performance. i need your tools.. ..i 100% sure im using the correct driver(all updated nvidia/acer site)..
reply me admin..