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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft is finally taking responsibility of its OS security.
Microsoft Security Essentials is now Officially Released.
Users have to pass Windows Genuine Authentication before installing.
Download MSE here.
If you have already installed the Beta, the Update to official release should be pushed down via Windows Updates.
The Microsoft Security Essential Scanning Engine is based off its Corporate Counterpart Microsoft ForeFront Security.

Personally I recommend this product as
  • It is FREE.
  • It is a Microsoft Product hence should integrate well with the Operating System (Other Anti-Virus are known to have false positives and has a history of identifying Windows System Files as Virus killing Windows).
  • It is light weight and consumes little System Resources.
  • Have to pass WGA (This shouldn't really be an issue)
  • May collect System Information from Systems which MAY BE personally identifiable


Anonymous said...

Security Essentials was officially released today, free to download. Don't use the beta any more.


Weinter said...

Actually I am using ForeFront Security.
Will update the link soon.
Thanks Anyway

expanium said...

With MSE aKa Microsoft Security Essentials you don't need Windows Defender (previous Giant Antispyware SHIT!) because that security program have anti-malware and spyware

Great blog dude, only you need is to change theme to other ;)

Admin said...

Yep, but this theme isn't good?
I thought it was easy on the eyes...

expanium said...

Yap dude! It's default theme lol
But i thinks maybe there is others cool themes in blogger.
It's only my advice ;)

Anonymous said...

try vipre antivirus it performs well but its not free :(

kaem said...

i agree, im also using vipre antivirus! so damn faster than any antivirus. it wont slow you down :)

but its not free :(

Admin said...

Actually MSE is good enough.
No point paying for Anti-Virus when a free and good one is available for use.

Anonymous said...

dear wise winter,im using avira personal edition..is dat good enough for my win?

Anonymous said...

any antivirus has their pros and cons, but i'm absolutely agree with admin...why spend money if we can get free good stuff?

anyway..this is very good blog for aspire user like me(4530)...you would not find any blog better than this...keep updating...