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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Disk Cleaning Scheduler

Hi, today I will be sharing a Disk Cleaner Scheduling Script I created.
I took parts of the Temp File Remover Script and combine it with Windows Disk Clean Up.
I also scheduled them to run once a week minimized.
Download it here for Vista
Download it here for Windows 7 (I decided to leave the Prefetch folder alone in Windows 7 since it handles itself well enough.
To install simply Download, Extract and Right Click, run Install.bat with Administrator Permission.
It will create a new Folder called "Clean Disk" in C:\windows (Due to the stupid spacing parsing problem with Program Files) then schedule the tasks.
You can delete the downloaded folders and zip files after that.
To uninstall, Download,Extract and simply Right Click run the Uninstall.bat with Administrator Permission.
I think this will be my final version.
Give your comments.
Thank You.

I have updated the script to run as a System Task so the annoying popup that tell you it is cleaning up tempfiles no longer appears.


expanium said...

Great app :D
Which tempory files will be delete? All in Disk cleaner options?


Admin said...

It is written in the script.
Open the cleanup script with notepad to find out.