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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Changing the BackUp ShortCut Key on Acer Timeline

The follow is the Registry Entry for Acer Aspire Timeline.
I already modified this key to point to Windows Media Player.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Command Type"="1"
"Label"="Windows Media Player"
"Remote Code"="C008"
"Description"=""Windows Media Player"
"Show OSD Only for Legacy"="0"
If you want it to point to other programs, simply
  1. copy and paste onto notepad
  2. Change "wmplayer.exe" to something else the reason I don't use the full path is because wmplayer is in C:\Windows and the shortcut can automatically find anything in C:\Windows.
  3. If the program is in Program Files you have to use the full path eg."C:\Program Files\XXX\XXX.exe"
  4. Change the Label and description (although it doesn't work as in display the word Windows Media Player when you click it)
  5. Save as backup.reg
  6. Double Click then Confirm and you are done.

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Geart!! Thank you!