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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windows 7 Feature Check

Here is a software to check the capabilities of your System with Windows 7 
From http://www.grc.com/
The name is Securable

The first section shows you what Operating System bit you can run on you computer.
  • If you have 64bit appearing you can run both 64bit and 32bit Windows 7
  • If you have 32bit appearing you can only run 32bit Windows 7
The second section check if the processor support Hardware DEP.
  • It checks if your Processor support hardware data flagging function to prevent buffer overrun to prevent malware exploits.
The third section checks if it can support the hardware virtualisation mode in Windos 7
  • VT support check if your Processor can support Windows Xp Virtualisation in Windows 7


Jin Woo said...

Hi, my i ask a question?
I am currently trying to set up hypertransport link to max.

and i went to my bios setting and i don't see any ht link and LDT.

my laptaop is aspire 4530. please help.

the reason that i am looking ht link is for world of warcraft. I am having serious low latency in wow right now. don't understand why... but i found that if i max my ht link, then my problem can be fixed.

please help me find ht link and fix it.

Weinter said...

HyperTransport is a self regulated bus.
You cannot set it.
The closest I can think of is Power Management>>Advance Power Management
PCI-E >> Link State Power Management.
My guess is your temperature cause it to throttle dropping performance.