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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Successor to Acer Aspire 4530

Successor to Aspire 4535/4535G here.

If you guys are interested in Acer Aspire 4530, DO NOT get it.
The sucessor is out.
It is the Acer Aspire 4535G and 4535 (Without the G).

Same Processor with far advance graphics ATi Radeon 4570HD.
It is a class 2 graphics card which means it is capable of playing high-end games easily.
It uses a AMD Chipset meaning you can install and use AMD Overdrive to boost the performance of this laptop.

It also has a multi touchpad and a chiclet keyboard

According to this review it is confirmed that it uses the DDR2 Memory.
But don't worry either way it is vastly superior than its predecessor Aspire 4530.
I would have bought this laptop if I had not own 4530 and it is still alive.

The difference between 4535 and 4535G is that 4535G uses a more powerful Radeon 4570 HD while 4535 uses a Radeon 3200 HD.
Both are AMD Overdriveable.


johnny_chea said...

So then can i replace my old graphics card or add in conjunction like it says in the nvidia's website?(9100m G)

Weinter said...

No just go take a look at the full dismantling guide there are no slots for expansion

Hisyam said...

how much does this lappy cost?? in RM

Weinter said...

Aspire 4535 is similarly priced like the Aspire 4530 the Aspire 4535G will be slightly more expensive.

Anonymous said...

i have an aspire 4535 with an ati radeon 3200hd graphics card.. is it possible to replace that with a better graphics card? say, one with a dedicated memory?

email me pls.. strat015@yahoo.com.ph

Admin said...

Nope the Aspire 4535 without the G uses integrated graphics just like Aspire 4530 so it is not upgradable.
Unless you have Aspire 4535G that comes with the 4570HD Radeon Graphics Discrete Card.

Anonymous said...

i have acer 4535G, is it possible to switch graphic to integrated (HD3200)?
There is no option in CCC to change that.

Admin said...

Please Note AS4535G has either 4570HD soldered on the Mainboard or 3200HD soldered on the Mainboard not both.

mhmd Baden Powell said...

sir, lately, my acer 4535 crash, and cannot even enter window. Then i get it installed with windows 7 home basic. It workks fine, i do have to install update on the touchpad after it.

my question is sir, when i play any movie, theres a lag sometimes, and the sounds distorted when the lag happen.. i dont know if i have to update any driver to improve watching any video.. is there anything i can do to improve it sir?

Admin said...

Did you install all the correct drivers?
If you list the exact model of laptop I might be able to direct you to the correct drivers.

mhmd Baden Powell said...

thank you sir, heres are my model..

Acer 4535 (2009)

- AMD Turion X2
- ATI Radeon HD3200
- come with preinstalled VISTA home premium but converted to Windows 7 home basic. 32 bit
- upgraded to 3 gig ram.
- just finished installed the catalyst control center from and the ati radeon driver

just finished installed the webcam software found in this blog.. heh heh

the other thing sir, is the volume control. on the right of the keyboard theres a wifi button, bluetooth button and the volume button, usually, when i touch the button theres an icon on the monitor, now it is not functioning..

Admin said...

You need the following:
ATi Driver from AMD WebSite

ATi Chipset Driver from AMD Website

K10STAT if you want to undervolt

Realtek Audio Driver. Check my "Matching Audio Driver Blog Entry"

Acer Launch Manager for the shortcut buttons from Acer Download Site.

Touchpad Driver Check if it is Synaptics or ALPS, Synaptics Download the latest version from HP, ALPS I have no idea.

Atheros Lan Driver from Acer Site

Realtek Card Reader from Realtek Site or Acer Website

FingerPrint from Windows Optional Updates

Wireless Lan Driver from Acer Site depending on which Device Manufacturer.

If you want higher version of Windows 7 OS you need to modify your BIOS to SLIC 2.1 capable then use OEM Activation to activate the OS.

mhmd Baden Powell said...

thank you sir.. i'll try to do everything one by one... thank you again..

bigalan said...

does winxp work in Acer aspire 4535g, as all my old games not working in Vista, only winxp?

Admin said...

You should try setting compatibility mode in Windows Vista (add admin permission + Compatibility) before changing to Windows Xp.
If you really want Windows Xp you need the right driver versions installed.

Anonymous said...

just want to ask if u have a repair guide or dismantling manual of acer4535G? im having a black screen and i need to check the fan and all inside.thanks in advance...