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Monday, July 6, 2009

Optimize Windows Vista Boot

What you should do to conserve and optimize disk space and boot time.

1) After download software like Firefox, after installation please delete the installer.

eg. Setup.exe

New Versions will come out and internet download speeds are so fast, so there is no point keeping it.

2) Do this weekly:
Start>> All Programs>> Accesories>> System Tools>> Disk Clean Up

Check Everything Except for Hibernation File.

Or download and install a autodiskcleanup script I created

CCleaner is a extra ware that does the same thing it uses System Resource hence I don't use this.

3) Open Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services
Disable "SuperFetch"
Stop "Superfetch"
Reason being Superfetch isn't very efficient, very often it overfetches Programs you rarely use, increasing boot time as a result.

4) Clean temporary Directories.
They are:

C:\Users\{Your User Name}\AppData\Local\Temp
C:\Windows\Prefetch (Delete the ReadyBoot Contents before ReadyBoot folder)
I have created a batch file to kill superfetch.
Download and run with Administrator permission here (Superfetch Killer)
5) Here is a Windows Batch File that clears useless file recursively in all directories.
Batch file is provided by mydigitallife

Open in Notepad to see the script content.
To Run, Right Click "Run as Admin"

Next run sdelete to zero the harddisk space and return all unused space

Use the command:
sdelete -c
After that do a Disk Defragmentation and Reboot

Using this method my Acer Aspire 4530 now boots in 5 Rolling Bars instead of the previous 18 &
My 5 year old Desktop has the following specification:
Intel Pentium 4 HT 2.8GHZ 512KB L2 Cache (NorthWood)
250GB WD 16MB Buffer Cache
875P Motherboard
Currently the dinosaur is running Windows Vista rather speedily so try it!


Weinter said...

I forgot to mention to STOP Superfetch before clearing out the prefetch.
If you do not do this Superfetch will continue to prefetch whatever it can and defeat the purpose.

Anonymous said...

Ccleaner does not use extra resources. u dun even need to install, there a portable edition. i dun need to say much more about ccleaner.

Weinter said...

Well, you can always use a third party tool or depend on CCleaner.
CCleaner require a download at the minimal and I learn more doing stuff manually.

Weinter said...

The gist of this is to disable Superfetch.