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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nvidia Driver Release

3D Mode

2D Mode

Windows Desktop Default Mode

Nvidia WHQL Notebook Driver version 195.62 is released.
Download them from Nvidia Website here
Please note that the new Nvidia Driver fixes the issue of not being able to throttle to default clock in Windows Desktop so please use this driver instead of the Acer Download (187.XX) which has the problem.
This driver is recommended.


Christian said...

I haven't seen the powermizer on my control panel...are there any implementations of it in this release?

Admin said...

It is inside the control panel in Vista and Win7 drivers, not sure if it is inside the Xp Version.
It is called Power Management Mode.

Anonymous said...

why when i installed on win 7 x64 it naver show nvidia control panel?

jimmy said...

im using windows xp 32bit sp3.

i uninstall the current vga driver and try to install 195.62, but it said it could not find any hardware relevant..
i downloaded it from Nvidia website.

i already scan for reg issues with CCleaner 2.27, no issue.

any idea how to update?


Admin said...

Did you choose the correct driver?
Driver for Vista isn't driver for Xp.
And you have to make sure the device entry is inside .inf.
What Graphics do you have?

Jimmy Darsono said...

ah..my bad, i use the desktop one.
i downloaded again for the notebook one, it works.

im using acer 4530 with geforce 9100m.

there are 2 types of driver for XP 32bit:

thanks for your answer. this blog saved me a lot. keep updating :)

cj1490 said...

sorry for posting here after a short while.. but I was wondering..

I downloaded the benchmarking program and checked my benchmark.. I see at my "computing" part my PhysX is not checked!

but yours is..

everything is the same when compared to yours except that part... does this mean I don't have PhysX installed?

But as far as I remember.. I do have one installed....

I'm really interested in optimizing my laptop and I'm glad I found your blog :D

Admin said...

Are you using 195.62 Notebook driver?

cj1490 said...

Yes I am using the 195.62 driver :D

I got it from one of your blogs here

Admin said...

I would suggest a full uninstall of all Nvidia drivers, follow by a restart and a registry cleanup by CCleaner.
Then a reinstall of all the relevant drivers.
PhysX is part of the driver package it should be installed and detected correctly.

cj1490 said...

Hi.. sorry for my pestering on the modded bios but I finally found the file :D

although.. I tried reinstalling the latest nvidia driver that is found here in your blog.. but it always says.. "the system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run the installation again."

what seems to be the problem??

windows 7 is really bugging me.. it keeps installing drivers.. I can't stop it...

Admin said...

Uninstall the Nvidia drivers.
Do a Registry Cleanup.
Do a Disk Cleanup.
Then try reinstalling.
Make sure it is the 195.62 Nvidia Notebook driver for 9M Series at Nvidia site.