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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dissembling Aspire 4530 - Full Guide

First if your Laptop is still under warranty doing this may void it!

  1. If you are not comfortable with opening your laptop do not do it.
  2. I hold no responsibility for any damage done to your laptop.
  3. If you follow this guide carefully and do it meticulously nothing bad should happen to it.
  4. Do not handle electrical components at the metal contacts or circuit board, hold it by the edges.
  5. Read this guide once and fully understand it before proceeding.

1) Disconnect ALL POWER (inclusive of battery pack + AC Power Adapter).
2) Ground yourself to make sure you are free of static.
3)Remove all the dummy SD & PCI Card from the Perimeter of the laptop.

Unscrew the screws circled in Red.
Then using a flat-head screw driver and lever the catches boxed in Green.
The laptop support pads are boxed in Blue if any of them fall off reattach them with new double sided tape.

The front panel should pop up as shown.
Gently pry it out.

You should see the following:

The left box shows the White Connector which consist of VGA/Monitor Port + Webcam port
Above it is the LCD Monitor Grounding Cable
Below it is the Microphone Cable

The right box shows the Wireless Antenna Cable for extended Range Detection of Wireless Networks

Removing the Keyboard

Next pry out the keyboard gently
The Flat Ribbon Cable is the PS/2 Port
Lever the Connector and disconnect the Cable

You should see something like the above

Next flip the laptop around and remove all the screws circled in Red.
It is actually ALL the screws you can see at the base.

Removing the Harddisk

Next, Unscrew the screws circled in Red (3 from the Harddisk Region, 2 from the Wireless Card Region).
Disconnect the Wireless Antenna from the Card boxed in Yellow by levering it out.
Don't pull it out vertically !
I noticed in my room white wire on top, black wire below, gives better connectivity.
Disconnect & remove the harddisk by sliding it towards the right and pull it out via the black flap.

Next unscrew the screws circled in Red (3 in the Harddisk Region).

Removing the LCD Monitor

Flip the laptop around.
Disconnect the box in blue and unscrew the screws circled in Red.
The top blue box holds the VGA Monitor Connector and the WebCam Connector.
The bottom blue box holds the Microphone Connector Cable.
The Red Circle above the top blue box hold the Monitor Grounding Cable.
Notice there are engravings beside the red circles.
60 stands for 60mm screw the long ones
45 stands for 45mm screw the short ones
There are only 2 types of screw you will encounter in this guide.
When removing the Monitor make sure you don't pull it out vertically, you might damage the plastic cable groove.
Follow the groove and remove it.

Next unscrew the screw circled in Red and disconnect the connectors boxed in blue.
The blue box on the Left is the Audio Connector for the laptop internal stereo speakers.
The blue box in the Centre is the Connector for the Acer ShortCut Buttons Panel.
The blue box on the Right is the PS/2 Connector for the Synaptics Touchpad.
The blue box on the Top is the Power Switch and LED Light module (The green circuit board on the top).

Removing the DVD Drive

The yellow box indicates the CMOS Battery (replaceble) you don't need to remove it.
In Case you need the CMOS battery data:
Next Slide out the DVD Drive by pushing it out towards the Right.
Unscrew the screw circled in Red (There are 2, 1 at the Top Right Corner, 1 at the Centre) .
Notice there is a screw like symbol beside each of them.

Here comes the difficult part.
It is now possible to separate the casing from the motherboard but there is one obstacle.
It is the Audio Adjustment Knob Region boxed in Red.
The Audio Adjustment Knob is integrated to the motherboard separating it from the motherboard is impossible.
So you have to carefully push the casing down so you can create a gap at the audio adjustment knob to pull the motherboard out.
Start prying from the top right corner.

Heat sink Removal

Unscrew the screw circled in Red and disconnect the connector boxed in blue to remove the heatsink.
I will not post a picture of the dissembled outcome as I had applied an excellent layer of Arctic Silver 5.
If I remove it I have to reapply it.
To get a nice layer it takes a lot of time and patience more then the time taken to dissemble this laptop.
In short
Remove the thermal pad on the GPU.
Clean the GPU surface, CPU surface and Heatsink surface with Rubbing Alcohol (Google)
Spread high quality thermal paste over the GPU and CPU surface (I recommend Arctic Cooling MX-2 or Arctic Silver 5).
Replace the parts.

Removing the Bluetooth

Turn the motherboard around
The bottom yellow box is the bluetooth card
There is 1 screw holding it
The top 2 boxes is the unused USB Connectors.
For Future purpose if you suddenly need to add a Wireless 3G card which has internal USB for Laptops you can use them.
You don't have to remove the motherboard from the casing to gain access to the USB Connectors or Bluetooth.

Removing Internal Speaker and Touchpad

Turn the plastic cover you removed around.
You will see screws to remove the Internal Speakers and Touchpad.
Just unscrew and remove them accordingly.
You don't have to remove the motherboard from the casing to gain access to the USB Connectors or Bluetooth.

It took me a long time to come up with this very simplified guide so please show appreciation by clicking the google ads if it helps you =)

To reassemble it just reverse the process.



apoorv said...


can i directly remove my heatsink by unscrewing bottom cover and 5 screw that hold heatsink to apply thermal past ?

Weinter said...

No you can't it is blocked by other component you have to remove the board to dismantle the heatsink.

Anonymous said...

I believe my speakerphone is going or has a broken contact. When I plug in headphones or into speaker system. Only one side is audible,

The internal speakers works fine.

How would I go about fixing this? I guessing I have to get the motherbaord?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant speakerphone Jack**

Weinter said...

Just replace the stereo speaker set.
The Speaker Set is attached to the handrest cover by screw.
Just explore it and you will know how to replace it.

Weinter said...

Speaker Jack you have to replace the whole motherboard.

Anonymous said...

Ohh man. So I can't resolder the contact or anything? I had a Power Jack gone bad, and I just resoldered it.

Is this not possible also?

Anonymous said...

What part is the GPU there on the board? All I can point out is just the processor...
In my lappy... only my GPU is reaching 96C on load... if the GPU is under the fan then why is it that it heats up a lot...

Weinter said...

It is under the aluminium plate on the fan sink module.

Anonymous said...

I have acer aspire 4720g, and i think my heatsink is clogged up with dust since cpu is running at 99C at max loaded...can i do this by unscrewing the bottom cover only and clean it from there? ... i don't to unscrew the top cover since i think its complicated :)

Weinter said...

Buy a Can of Compressed Air and spray into the fan the dust should fly out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, but i rather clean the dust OUT than blowing it IN deeper. So is it possible to clean heatsink (accessing from bottom cover) without removing it ?

Weinter said...

You need to spray the compress air under the laptopso the dust will come out behind the exhaust or you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Alright, thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Great work. I am getting the courage to open up my laptop because of your work. I am not getting any sound from my right internal speaker. I want to check if it’s just a loose connection. Can I see the speakers without removing the warranty stickers?

Weinter said...

Sorry, no other way to do so except dismantling the top surface.

Søren said...

Hi there..
I've got an Acer 4520, but i can't enter bios screen (F2) screen is just black.. have replaced cpu, ram hdd without succes..
Any ideas??

Weinter said...

Any other symptoms?

Søren said...

Sometimes it starts but not very often any more.. when i power it on it just lits the power on light and then its not possible to shut it down by the power button, have to remove powercord/battery..
I think it is the GFX or motherboard which have a defect, an the its a new laptop..
I'm loosing hope for this one :-(

Weinter said...

Could be the GPU.
It is one of those faulty G84 G86 Nvidia Cards batches.
I had to send it for fixing and speciafically told the technician it was the GPU and it was fixed.

Weinter said...

n case you are wondering, my first laptop was Acer Aspire 4520G.
Had the same issue you did + other issues I caused I complained and so I got Aspire 4530 as replacement laptop.

Anonymous said...

Hello Weinter, first of all, let me thank you for putting up such a simple and easy-to-use one of a kind DIY guide for idiots like us out there. Thanks so much!
I have an Acer Aspire 4530, the webcam works just fine after I followed your guide on fixing the webcam. But the real problem is my internal speakers. After just 6 months, the speakers finally gave up, and stopped working.
At first, the left speaker stopped functioning, and now, both of the speakers are gone. It's not the drivers 'coz i've tried using the headphones and it works just fine.
Well, how do I fix them? Do I have to replace the internal speakers?
Please do reply to me at Ashtreyu_vox@yahoo.com, if that's okay with u. Sorry for the long and lengthy post. And I've clicked the ads like u asked. LOL

Weinter said...

LOL Thanks =)
Anyway for the speaker part there is no other solution other than replacement.
Like you my left speaker died.
At first it had a lot of static then it died.
Luckily the right speaker still survived.
It is either due to heat that demagnetised the speaker or the speaker cone got destroyed.
Another thing you can try is putting a ferromagnetic material on the speaker itself, it helps to strengthen the magnetic field so the speaker can produce sounds.

Ashtreyu VoX said...

Hello, it's me again. Wow, thanks for the quick reply! I've seen the speaker cone and it's still intact. I think it's just like u said... the speakers got demagnetized becoz of the heat... So, sorry for asking these stupid questions, but I'm a noobie and and idiot, so please bear with me.
1. What type of speakers should I used to replace my old ones?

2. What is a ferromagnetic material?

Sorry for taking a portion of your precious time. And thanks again.. To show my appreciation, I'll click the ads again. ROFL

Weinter said...

Before my left speaker went out completely after I poke at the cone, I tried putting some iron pieces in the speaker itself.
Then the speaker started producing normal sounds with less static.

As for speaker replacement you have to get identical speaker replacement from Acer maybe try here.
Helps if you live in UK.

Imrankhan said...

HI, I have Acer Aspire 4520, problem is that, When i turn on the Laptop all the led lights lid up also the CPU fans turns on...but it doesent boots up i.e It dosent performs the POST ...test
earlier the CPU fans use to run till my laptop had completed the boot process and comesto an ideal screen........i dont know what to do...

Weinter said...

The 8400M G uses the prone to failure G84 chips your problem could be the solder failure of the graphics card.
If you have warranty get a part replacement if not you can try solder reflow.

Anonymous said...

Hi i had the aspire 4530 for over 2months now, and the LCD seems to have cracked by itself? Not sure what happened.. it was working at night and in the morning it looks cracked from the inside.. so it looks like i have to replace it?
And do i have to remove the harddisk before i take the LCD out? will changing the LCD affect my built in webcam? Thanks for the help

Weinter said...

You have to dismantle the LCD panel from the laptop body so you don't have to remove the mainboard.
The screws for the LCD Panel is under 6 rubber covers.

Giridhar said...

Thanks a lot to the writer of this webpage. Reffering this I successfully dismantled my Acer Aspire 5536 G. A few things were different; 1) No screws to be removed below battery. 2) Some wires have a flip mechanism to insert/remove. Temps are down by more than 10`C. I used AS5 for GPU, CPU, NB and SB.
Thanks a million....

Sohail Siddiqui said...

Hey i am facing a big problem..
i own a Acer 4520 and some of the things recently started.
1. the Computer screen when blank. when i removed one RAM of 512 it started to work again.
2. the DVD rom is dissapearedd not appearing in Bios too.. i cant even see them in BIOS.
earlier if was gone i deleted the upper and lower filters in registory it worked but again it is now gone..

please suggest me how i can remove\check H/w of the 4520 DVD ROM and what should i do for the RAM and DVDROM problem



Weinter said...

The method to hard reset laptop is remove all power sources, hold down the power button for 60 seconds then attach power and boot it up.
Try to google for DVD BIOS Firmware update as well.

Weinter said...

It is also possible you did not insert the RAM properly.

Omar said...

Thanks for your post.

I want to know is there any easy or simple way to change the CMOS battery without open all?I want to reset my BIOS/CMOS password.

how can i do it.please help.


Admin said...

I don't think so since CMOS Password has to be resetted by a special manner.
However this may help.

mohamad said...

my windows cannot detect Atheros ar5007eg on my Acer Aspire 4520.. if i want to replace it, which part should i replace.. is it the antenna which is located right on the back of the notebook? thanks in advance

Admin said...

Replace the PCI internal Wireless Network Card.

mohamad said...

thank u for the quick response.. I have identified where the wireless card is located.. now i only hav to find a new 1 at ebay to replace.. i owe you one.. thanks!

mewebdog@live.com said...

How far do I have to disassemble Acer Aspire 4520 in order to inspect / re-solder power supply jack?. . . Thanks for your time!

Admin said...

Almost the whole thing.
Because you need to get all the PCB out and power jack is on them.
Anyway this is for 4530, some steps might differ.

Beki Ryzuk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryzuk said...

My internal speakers stopped working after I heard a crackling sound, sort of like when you plug in external speakers.

How far do I need to disassemble the Acer 5520 (which appears very similar to your pictures) to check if the speakers are disconnected somehow?

Ryzuk said...

I should also mention that my headphones stopped working at the same time as my speakers.

Admin said...

I do not have the dissembly guide.
But you should be able to identify the speaker.
It is the 2 pin Red Black connector to the motherboard.

madcap said...

hii i want to upgrade my processor from 1.9 to 3.0 ghz, can i do that, and also my graphic card, plz help me out???

Admin said...

First there is no 3GHZ S1G2 Processor upgrade.
The highest Turion 1 Ultra Processor is ZM-86.
ZM-87/ZM-85 has different Hypertransport so it may cause overheating(I am not sure).
Next Graphics is not upgradable.

Anonymous said...

does the acer aspire 4530 have a certain feature that shuts itself down in case of too much heat..cause mine shuts down frequently while im playing games..thanks!

Richard said...

The issue I'm having with Aspire 4530 is unstable video display. Which started shortly after web cam stopped functioning. Replaced cam and motherboard. It appeared that had resolved issue and within a month the unstable video is back. Does not matter if multitasking or not. Have the most updated drivers installed. Any idea what might be causing this behavior? Thank you in advance for your timely response.

Richard said...

One other thing is that I also did a clean install of Windows 7 and for all of three days I did not have any video issues. On day four they are back. Entire display unstable. I can best describe it as the viewable area be it the Browser, Windows Explorer or whatever app. The GUI twitches and becomes distorted momentarily.

Admin said...


Yes there is such a feature and it is bad for the harddisk.
I recommend turning on the fan(check my latest post) to full gear.

Can you check the display connection?
It is also the on same connector with the USB WeCam.
Make sure it is secure.
As for how to get there check my dissembly guide.

Richard said...

OK USB WeCam connection is securely fastened. The fan runs almost constantly. Have I missed something? Thanks again for your time. Happy holidays

Admin said...

Can you post your HWMonitor Screenshot?
Google and download the Freeware.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,thanx 4 ur reply. U plz tell me how can i upgrade my processor,and how much i can upgrade,like presently iam using 1.9 ghz and its not enough 4me.Thanx in advance.

Anonymous said...

Presently iam using amd athlon x2 64.
1.9 Ghz
which one will be better for upgradition?

Admin said...

I believe you meant QL-60 which runs at 1.9GHZ.
Seriously for AMD CPU upgrades does little.
QL-60 is not a very weak CPU yet it is not a powerful one either.
If you upgrade to RM/ZM you won't see much difference unless you are originally running on Sempron.

Admin said...

If you really wanted to upgrade wait until AMD Griffin cost dirt cheap.

Anonymous said...

Thanx alot man.

Tecnologia, informação e alguns parafusos soltos said...

I have a 4720z and suddenly some keys from the right side of my keyboard has just stoped to work but sometimes they come back. they are the enter key, backspace, down, left, right... can be the keyboard cable or something like that? Thanks from Brazil and sorry for my bad english :P

Admin said...

Just dismantle the keyboard and check the ribbon connectors to see if the gold contacts are intact.
Anyway an Acer Replacement keyboard shouldn't cost over $20 over ebay.

wesley said...

Hi i stumbled on this site and had a question. I disassembled my acer5240 and will be in the process of re assembling it but i came across the (Wireless Antenna from the Card boxed in Yellow - pic #7) and i have 3 wires black, grey and white.
The black and white are intact and the grey one is not attached to anything. It kind of looks like there are suppossed to be 3 connections with the grey in the middle... If i did bugger it up do i solder it or would crazy glue work? Thanx

Admin said...

The 3rd Connector is for Wireless Card with 3 connectors you can simply buy an Intel Wireless 5300 and swap with your existing Wireless Card and attach the 3rd connector to it.

wesley said...

So hypothetically, I can leave it unhooked and not worry about it?

Admin said...

Yes it is for Wireless Card with 3 Antenna like this.

Daksh said...

Has anyone tried to upgrade to wireless n? Which card works well?

Admin said...

Atheros AR5B91
In fact all Wireless Card should work since Acer don't blacklist cards in their BIOS.

Bobby said...

Hi there, I've got a 4715z and looks pretty similar to this one, hope you can help me. I need to replace the hinges (don't know if it is the right word) cause they broke down, both of them, and they seem to be blocked by the upper case. So, what do I need to remove? from what I can see, it's just the keyboard, upper case and LCD panel? I hope I don't need to remove any screws or parts from the bottom of the laptop.

Bobby said...

Hi again, I got desperate and started unscrewing screws, found out that the hinges were not blocked at all, only had to remove the LCD panel and very few screws (the hinges were directly attached to the lower case by 1 screw each). Well thanks anyway, reading your blog was what convinced me of trying it myself.

Darren said...

I have an Aspire 4520-5458. Since it is similar to this model, is the DC-in jack fastened with a screw or is it actually a part of the motherboard?

Thanks, sir!

Admin said...

I recommend you to download and view the service guide here.

Joseph Clyde said...

is there a shortcut how to detach the internal speaker.?

Theresia said...

Hi Admin, thanks for the instruction!
I have an aspire 4520 which has broken just now. I've disassembled the laptop and found out that the video card is burned. I've also detached the hard disk with intention to copy my data to PC, but I can't do that since the hard disk has a different port than in the PC, can you suggest me something? thanks!

Admin said...

Buy a Serial ATA to USB bridge aka External Drive Casing with Serial ATA connectors this will enable you to plug in the old harddrive and read it just like a external harddrive.

Anonymous said...

I have aspire 4530. I just want to change the left speaker. How should i do it without removing other things.

Admin said...

Because the speaker and the front panel is considered 1 unit the only way you can solve this is by buying a laptop speaker off ebay and reattach the wire and replace the left speaker.

info said...

What is the name of the green board that is observed in the third photo? Which press the power button. How I can remove it?

Admin said...

It is the power switch and the LED indicator.
It is attached to the mainboard by a flat ribbon cable and attached to the casing by screws.

Chandra Adriansyah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chandra Adriansyah said...


I have a service guide manual for dismantle acer 4740G

here are the links




Fajar Syuman said...

please blog how to dissembling acer aspire 4540

heavy thanx

Uptev ht said...

I own a Aspire 4530, LCD screen is blank during power up, but when connecting to a monitor and S-Video works fine any ideas ?

Admin said...

Check the screen connector plug(Left Orange box in the 3rd Photo).

Richard said...

Hi My 4530 just quit. Will not turn on. No lights on laptop. Charger LED on the charger is green with 19 volts on cable end. When plugged into the laptop it starts blinking and goes dim. Removing laptop battery has no effect. Suspect some kind of short?

Admin said...

You can try reseating the RAM Modules.

Richard said...

Thanks for responding. I will try that first along with other things. Will also follow the disassemble procedure to see if I can isolate items and see if I can remove what seems to be pulling down the power.
Not even the charging light on the laptop will come on when the adapter is plugged in.
Any other suggestions would be welcome.

kacipcrew said...

hi, i have a 4520 laptop.. The problem is that the laptop does not turn on with battery or ac source.. But if i plugged in ac source, the battery led is turned on(with battery equipped, does not turn on when there is no battery).. If i did not plug in the source, the led is off even though the battery is fully charged.. Is this dc jack problem or probably a short someqhere?

Admin said...

It could be the chipset or the issue of the graphics card. Acer Aspire 4520G uses the "affected" Nvidia Graphics Module.

Anonymous said...


My laptop brand is Aspire 4530 with NVIDIA GeForce 910M G graphic which I bought it since early 2009. I have a very big issue with it currently that I can't defragment, restore, reboot and reformat system. Sometimes I can't shutting down my laptop because it's hanging and there's one line blinking above the screen laptop, always appeared when everytime I turned power on the laptop. Is it came from motherboard BIOS and if it's true, how I can fix this problem?

Hope you can help because I need my laptop for studies and I'm so worried about it.

Admin said...

You can try updating the BIOS from Acer WebSite or my modified version if you want Windows 7 SLIC.
You can also try booting a Linux Live CD if it boots properly and shutdown properly most likely it is a harddisk issue.
If it doesn't then it could be the graphics adapter.
The way to fix graphics adapter is simply to reheat the mainboard hopefully the solder which broken can remelt and reconnect.

docferra said...

Hello there, my acer laptop brand (4530) screen has blacked out. I don't know what seems to be the problem, i'm not afraid of opening it but i don't know how to fix this really, can you help me with a simplified tutorial and i will follow along.
Thank you

Cokjez said...

Could you to explain to me how to change the processor please?

Admin said...

After you dissembled to the board level you should see a black round lock, turn the groove using a screw driver to unlock the CPU die then replace it.

Azief said...

HI they..i have to ask you about...my acer 4530 webcam does not responding...i'm already adjusting the cable few times....but the webcam keep disconnecting...how to resolve these problem...and...where is the heck cpu and gpu surface...thank.>.

noob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
noob said...

i have a problem with the screen..can u take a look at the pic i upload..http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/img20110822232355.jpg/...u think the problem is LCD or the inverter..i need to decide to buy LCD or the inverter..and can u update this tutorial with replacing LCD screen? thanx..hope u can reply it..

Admin said...

I think it is more of the LCD.
You can find the service manual in the link here

ihlim97 said...

Thank You very much for posting this guide. My computer is now running smoother after cleaning the vents using a brush and i can even play red alert 3 on high settings with less lag. But there's one problem, i can't find thermal paste, so i did not touch the gpu. Should i clean it?

Admin said...

If you do not have replacement thermal paste then just leave it.

crazeejaycee said...

hi there, my 4530 is acting strangely.

one moment it says the power is connected the next it says its unplugged. then randomly it says there is no battery connected. the power brick itself is lit up and responds but the indicator light goes from bright to dimmed randomly. this coincides with my 4530 saying that it is not plugged in. a friend suggested to me it was the connectors inside the lappy that a pin or such was bent inside the connection housing. i dont want to disassemble my melissa unless i absolutely need to to affect repairs. so im asking for expert advice before proceeding forward

Admin said...

It could be damaged battery as well.
You should check with a working battery before taking it apart.

crazeejaycee said...

i tried with another battery (i had another 4530 i bought two at the same time) its still doing the "flickering"

when the unit is off the power connection remains constant and it will charge the battery

i tried this power brick on the corpse of the old 4530 before i took it apart with your guide as a step by step and it wouldnt keep it powered up either

Admin said...

In that case you can open up and try to fix resolder the power connectors if you do not want to send it in for repairs.

CsAtlantis said...

Thanks for the vacuum tip you posted in response to someone else, my laptop is now no longer reaching 90 degrees for fun

聲音到底是什麼? said...

First of all , I want to thanks you for posting this tips for computer dummies like mii. It was a nice trick for us to learn through it.
By the way, do you mind to answer some technical question I encountered recently ?
I am using Acer Aspire 4520.My dvd device suddenly stop working after a overclocking issue of prolonged loading of memory hunger program. At first , I thought that the dvd-ram have been broken down , until I found that after a few days later , my computer was able to detect my DVD-rom again.I was first glad that it came back to normal as i tried my dvd device by inserting cd, but too sad it only goes alive for an half of an hour .I keep rebooting my computer , and it sometimes my computer do detect my dvd device for a few seconds only and it never goes back to normal again.

Any ideas about what is going on ?What should i do in order to fix my dvd device?

Thanks for any assisstants in advances.

britesynth said...

hi mr. admin, after dismantling my acer 4530 for cleaning it wont start. I followed and did all the steps very carefully, it will show the windows logo(loading part) and then it will turn off, and even when i try to reformat it it a will only go as far as choosing wether to repair or format and then it will shut down again, i hope you could help me, what could possible be causing this, is my laptop gone for good? thanks....

Admin said...

You forgot to plug in the fan, So it doesn't cool the cpu?

Admin said...

Try this to fix the DVD: unplug all power sources, press and hold the power button for 1 minute.

britesynth said...

hi mr. admin the fan is working perfectly, what other symptoms could tell if my motherboard is broken? thanks

Admin said...

Make sure it is set to the correct mode in the BIOS, default is AHCI.

britesynth said...

hi mr. admin,

i switched it to AHCI but it still shuts down - thanks

Shahrukh Feroz said...

i have acer 4530 aspire i am facing problem of no display led is glowing at stat up but fan is not rotating what could be the problem can any one help me out how to fix this problem?

Uday A said...

hi i have acer aspire 4530 laptop can u show me which is the power supply component means motherboard related

Regie said...

Hey, I've got the 4530, and I was wondering how I would go about dismantling the LCD Section. I want to mod the antenna for the wifi, and make a super receiver, like with a coil of copper wire, or maybe, punch a hole in the top and add an external antenna, which i could attach a windsurf parabolic homemade wifi booster to, any ideas?

anonymos said...

i own aspire 4520 does this guide apply to that also? thanxxx in advance

Admin said...

Nope it does not

Freimut said...

The Red Circle above the top blue box hold the Monitor Grounding ... 2acermonitor.blogspot.com

dnaCore said...

Still got this laptop up and running as media server. It's been 7 years, the usb slot gives up. But other than that, still solid performance. Except the outdated GPU won't run any HD smoothly. Using Emby and Subsonic.

I wonder if has multiple sata ports...

Admin said...

It has 2 SATA port.
1 for Harddisk Drive the other for the DVD Drive.
If you takeout the DVD Drive and Install a Harddisk Caddy you can put another Harddisk inside.

hotohorii ohyeah said...

hi admin!!

im having problems video playback its always distorting and the my is like having a hiccups what would i do im still using the 4530

could u help me thanks alot!!