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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Acer Aspire 4530 Boot Screen

Acer Aspire 4530 Boot Dianogostic Screen
PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.1
Copyright 1985-2008 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserve


CPU0=AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72

CPU Stepping = B1 2100MHZ
MemClk = 333Mhz Tcl = 5.0 Trcd = 5 Tras = 12 Trp = 5
CPU<->MCP:LDT Frequency = 1800Mhz LDT Width = 16bit DOWN - 16bit UP
No TPM or TPM has a problem
2815M System RAM Passed
1024KB L2 Cache per Core
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
Fixed Disk 0: WDC3200BEVT-222CT0
Mouse initialized
System Configuration Data updated

Press F2 to enter Setup

HyperTransport (HT), formerly known as Lightning Data Transport (LDT)
MCP (Media and Communications Processor)
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is both the name of a published specification detailing a secure cryptoprocessor that can storecryptographic keys that protect information
ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface) is an interface between your computer and attached CD-ROM drives and tape backup drives

Closest I can get to 2817 = 4096 - 1087 - 256 + 64
Or it could be some BIOS Programming legacy


Lao said...

Hi there!

I have a friend who bought an Aspire 4530 without Bluetooth. Do you know the P/N of the Acer bluetooth piece, so we can search it on eBay and be sure it will work?



Weinter said...

It is actually a Internal USB Bluetooth

Weinter said...

Another link http://www.laptopking.com/kingpartdetails.asp?ref=2599&category=boards

Jin Woo said...

Hi, my i ask a question?
I am currently trying to set up hypertransport link to max.

and i went to my bios setting and i don't see any ht link and LDT.

my laptaop is aspire 4530. please help.

the reason that i am looking ht link is for world of warcraft. I am having serious low latency in wow right now. don't understand why... but i found that if i max my ht link, then my problem can be fixed.

please help me find ht link and fix it.

LordCaiL said...

hi I had a problem like that you post..
every time I press f1 to continue then the laptop blank screen
what should i do?