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Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to upgrade Vista 32bit to 64bit using your original license key

Firstly I don't support piracy, please do this only if you have the original Vista License Sticker (Above) on your System.

The reason I am doing this post is because OEM Vendors usually install Vista 32bit on Retail Systems, however you can get more performance on your system if you used a 64bit OS instead, it is unfair to users to bear the system limitations.

What this guide is good for?
  • You want a bloatware free Vista Install at the same time you don't want to purchase another Vista License.
  • You want to upgrade your original 32bit Vista to 64bit Vista
  • You lost the original recovery partition and do not have the recovery cd and yet you don't want to buy the recovery cd or a new Vista License.
NOTE: This will only work for Laptops or OEM Desktops preloaded with OEM Vista as these Systems has a special SLIC 2.0 BIOS which enables OEM Activation.
Do not message me HERE on how to make this work on Systems that do not have OEM Vista preloaded with it.

Lets take for example the Acer Aspire 4530 Laptop (Tested).
On a Vista Client 32bit OS it can only utilise up to 2.8GB of RAM regardless of the Total RAM available.
(Maximium usable RAM is 3GB in all 32bit Vista Editions)
However on a Vista Client 64bit OS it can support up to 3.8GB of RAM
(Assuming you have the maximum 4GB installed)
The performance difference is significant 1.0GB difference.(the missing 0.2 is due to 9100MG Integrated Graphics).

Backup All Your Important Data Before Proceding !
  1. Firstly google and prepare all the 64bit Vista Drivers you need.
  2. Next take any retail copy of Vista (or download an uncracked version from Bittorrent. There is no need to get a retail CD-Key as we will be using OEM CD-Key) and install the type you own.
Example if you have a Vista Home Premium License Sticker, install the Vista Home Premium Version.

  • Uncheck Automatically Activate When Online, and Do Not type in any Product Key.

After installing and setting up the OS, download the Acer OEM Certificate and put it inside :


If you don't have the folder, create it.

Then open up a Command Windows with Vista Administrative Permission and Enter the Commands below.

slmgr.vbs -ilc C:\Windows\System32\OEM\Acer.xrm-ms

Next, choose one of the Acer OEM Keys shown below the version you have installed in your system:
Note the OEM Keys are NOT UNIQUE meaning EVERY Acer Laptop which has Vista Preloaded is using one of the following CD-Keys, depending on the version of Vista.

Then Activate

Then install the 64bit drivers.

You are done.

Note: The Activation is done offline, you do not need any internet connection to do this.

If you have other Vendor laptops, PM me for their respective OEM Certs and CD-Key if you need it.

Use this keyfinder to check your current OEM License Key and match it to the appropriate OEM Certificate

Toshiba Certificate Download (There are 4 Certs try the correct one)

Fujitsu Certificate Download

The Windows 7 Clean Install Instruction is here


Dmaster said...

I have done this with my acer. But I have used the Ultimate key, so I got a Windows Ultimate x64...
Very nice tip.

Weinter said...

I do have all the keys but I don't want to post something that "upgrades" anyone's version of Vista, due to piracy issue so I didn't put it up.
Moreover Ultimate is quite bloated and I didn't like it.
However I do have the whole lot of keys and certs from major vendors.

luis3007 said...

Hello, I have a Gateway 7811FX w/ Vista SP1 x64, since SP2 is out I want to make a clean installation. Can you post the Gateway cert?

Weinter said...

Added =)

Gottfried said...

Could you post the toshiba cert. The laptop is an L305-S5919 if that matters.

Weinter said...

It is easy, do an Windows installation as per normal.
1)Get/Borrow a Retail Vista DVD
2)You don't need the CD-Key
3)Enter BIOS, set DVD Drive to Primary boot device.
4)Put Install DVD in DVD-Tray
5)Restart the computer hit a key to boot from DVD.
5)Create a partition and install Windows in it but don't enter cd-key.
6)Do as above and after that install all your 64bit drivers.
Then your computer is ready for use.
There is no way I can simplify it further

Anonymous said...

That means i need to buy the Vista DVD?? Wah like that i don't have the disc liao..

Weinter said...

The BT link to the iso image for download is in my blog.
Just need to download and burn to DVD.

Anonymous said...

Ok tks now downloading...

Anonymous said...

After installing Vista 64bit..i need to install 64bit drivers...but how about my program and game would they be affected??

Weinter said...

64bit Vista can run 32bit programs.
So no worries.
Backward Compatibilities is still available.

ReDDoT said...

Hey Weinter,

I have 32bit vista ultimate OS. My OEM is HP, think you can hook me up with a OEM Key?


Weinter said...

HP and Compaq uses the same OEM key and Cert.It is there.

luis3007 said...

Winter, my mom's Dell Inspiron 1521 needs a fresh install as well, could you post the Dell cert please?

Ram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lwkader said...

weinter i have a acer that came with 32bit vista ultimate, do you have the key for it, i would appreciate it.

carlosdelondres said...

Hi Weinter,

Nice post! just bought an aspire 7738G which has unfortunately had 32 bit vista (home premium) installed. Not a major issue at the moment, but am trying to work out whether there is a way to upgrade (with clean install of course) to Windows 7 64 bit without needing a new Windows license? Eligible for the Windows 7 free upgrade, but as far as I can find out that will only enable upgrading to Win 7 32 bit. If the method you ouline is used to upgrade to Vista 64, how do you think the free windows 7 upgrade will work?

Thanks very much for any and all assistance!

Weinter said...

They should give you a BIOS update for activation Windows 7 under OEM License.
Some OEM Keys are already leaked so now you can either wait for the official Windows 7 BIOS for your Laptop or mod it yourself.
You can activate and Clean install Windows 7 using the same method.

Anonymous said...

I have a compaq cq50-110us and have run the program to extract the key. It matches what is above. Where do i download the compaq certificate? And where to put it agfter downloading? Thanks.

Admin said...

Click on HP & Compaq to download the cert.
Put it in C:\Windows\System32\OEM make a folder if it doesn't exist.
Run Command Prompt with Admin Permission (Right Click).
Type "slmgr ilc C:\Windows\System32\OEM\XXX.xrm-rs
where XXX.xrm-rs is the cert file you downloaded.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt help with the last question. My fault for not paying attention better. Now, one more small problem. I'm unable to download the uncracked DVD from the link above. The recovery disk provided by Compaq only contains 32, so I really do need an ISO of the retail.

Admin said...

You need a torrent client to open the files above.

cjm1979 said...

Hi Weinter. I used the above on my Acer Aspire and i think your a life saver for this blog. I now have a Fujitsu AMILO Notebook Li 2727 and it was freezing just after booting and then the blue screen of death.
Ive put on a fresh vista install but when i go to activate with the key on my sticker it wont have it. Could you post the cert and key for these please.

Admin said...

Of Course the sticker no longer hold valid CD-Keys.
I have updated the list.

Anonymous said...

I got window vista home premium 32bit i can change it to vista ultimate 64bit with your post?

Guo Wei said...

Yep but you still need to download or borrow the 64bit Vista OS CD

luis3007 said...

Do you have the Windows 7 certificates? I have a Toshiba Satellite L505-S5990 w/W7 Home Premium in English. I want to reinstall it in Spanish without all the crapware and I already have a W7HP DVD in Spanish, but I want to use the original cdkey.

Horatio said...

When doing this will all the settings to things like services, processes, taks etc. be lost? Also does file data get lost? Is that why we should backup the data or is that a precaution?


Admin said...

All the data in the System Parition (aka C:\) is lost.

DaveandLis said...

I have followed the directions to upgrade my vista home premium 32 bit to 64 bit on an HP OEM machine. When I run the slmgr ilc C:\Windows\System32\OEM\XXX.xrm-rs I get an error message "Run 'slui.exe 0x2a 0x4C' to display the error text. Error 0x4C" If I run this it says there is no information, but I can call microsoft. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Admin said...

Did you run the commands as Administrator permission?

van_dilu said...

pls i wanna know if i use the loader will i loose my programs ?

Admin said...

Clear out the loader, flash the BIOS and slmgr the key and cert.
If you do not reformat you will not loose any programs.

iron said...

Hello, is this a legal action? Could you, please tell me, will the method work if I entered vista key during setup?


Admin said...

If you system comes preloaded with Vista 32bit and you are installing Vista 64bit of the same version it should be fine.

Fred C said...

The link for the gateway certificate download says it is not there. Do you still have that one?