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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Atheros Wireless LAN

I am bring up this post again because I found another Atheros WiFi Driver that has functions not found in other Atheros Driver.
This driver is from HP.

Why this driver you might ask? The screenshots below should answer your queries.

Access Additional Function not found in other Atheros Release

Useful Autoroaming Function if you need to move around multiple APs with your Atheros Equipped Laptop

Additional Encryption Schemes Not Found in other Atheros Driver

So you can choose which driver fits your needs.

After installation of Atheros Driver 8.X a utility should appear in the Control Panel.
Here are some screenshots:

Choice of 2 types of Atheros Wireless LAN Drivers:
  1. Modded Atheros Driver (Non-WHQL)(Vista & Xp)
Obtained from LaptopVideo2go
  1. Atheros Driver Version 8.X (WHQL)
If your Microsoft Virtual WiFi Device Driver disappears try running the following Commands in Command Prompt Administrator Mode.
C:\Windows\System32> netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NameOfNetwork key=StrongPassword

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