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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Explaining Windows Xp/Vista Startup

Note: This is applicable to BOTH Windows Xp and Vista as msconfig is present in both OS

Another reason why Windows Boot are often very slow because Programs Add themselves to the startup automatically making Windows Start the Programs on EVERY boot whether you need it or not

Start>> Run>>Type "msconfig" >> Enter

You should see this

To disable a particular startup simply uncheck the box next to the entry

If you want to remove a particular entry from msconfig scroll to the left you should see the following

The box in Red indicates the location of the registry entry which the program you installed added in order to start automatically

To remove it
Start>> Run>> Type "regedit" >> Enter

Navigate to the location in Red

You should see something like this:

To remove the entry from msconfig simply delete it from here
  • Always make sure the program you removed is non-essential otherwise certain important third party program will not run
An example from the above is "NvCplDaemon" which is actually Nvidia Graphics Control Panel
  • Unless you really don't need it, it is safer to disable startup from msconfig rather than deleting the registry entry

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